ProTeam Metal Magic 32 oz

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ProTeam Metal Magic 32 Ounces

ProTeam Metal Magic was developed to quickly remove Iron, Copper, Silver, Manganese and High Calcium Hardness from Spa and Hot Tub Water. ProTeam Metal Magic will remove metal stains and scale formation in pumps and heaters.

Compare to any other brand including: Leisure Time Metal Gone, Minquest, Rendezvous Protect Plus, Leisure Time Spa Defender and Leisure Time Metal Gone. Some of these products only accomplish a small amount of the capabilities found within ProTeam Metal Magic and require you to purchase multiple products to achieve the same results as found in one bottle of ProTeam Metal Magic.

For Spas or Hot Tubs with metals present in the water. Use 1 oz to treat every 100 gallons of water to remove metals and preventing plating.

To Remove Scale and plating from walls and pipes use 2 oz per 100 gallons.

Once treated, metals are transported to the filters as a clear crystal that can be removed by backwashing or by cleaning the filter.

Regular use of ProTeam Spa Metal Magic will keep Spa / Hot Tub Surfaces and Plumbing in good condition.

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