8 Ways to Make Your Hot Tub Safe For Kids

338440820_0144953a1aHot tubs are a great addition to any backyard or patio. They’re relaxing, low maintenance, and a way to get that extra quality time with your husband or wife. Some potential buyers may have concerns if they have small children in the home, worrying about how safe it is to have a potential hazard just outside their back door. Have no fear! Here are eight tips ways to make your hot tub safe for kids.

1)      Invest in a Cover

Especially with hot tubs that are outside, it’s really important to keep your hot tub covered. Depending on how old your children are, a heavy cover would deter them from opening and entering the hot tub without adult supervision. Investing in a hot tub cover is one of the smartest thing you can do as a hot tub owner.

2)      Use Cover Clips

An inexpensive set of cover clips will keep your cover secured to your hot tub cabinet, making it a little trickier for kids to get the cover off.

3)      Get a Fence

If you have your hot tub in a place that would be easy to secure with a self-latching gate and surrounding fence, give it some serious consideration. A fence would be enough to deter small kids who are young and curious. It can take a minimal amount of time to install and will give you a significant amount of peace of mind.

4)      Supervision

This is the single most important element of keeping your kids safe in and around the hot tub. This doesn’t mean being casually aware, this means being actively engaged and conscious of where your kids are, especially if they decide to get in the hot tub. Don’t let your small children into the hot tub on their own, even if you think you’ve got a good view from your kitchen window or back patio. If your little ones want to get in the water, get in with them. It only takes a few moments for an accident to happen.

5)      Have a Chat

Have frequent and consistent talks with your children about how they should behave in and around the hot tub. This means telling them to avoid going underwater, not to roughhouse, and to take frequent drinks of water or get out if they feel too hot.

Be sure to let them know about how dangerous it can be to have electronics in and around water. Not only will it ruin your device, it can pose a threat to those soaking in the hot tub.

Also remind them that they aren’t to get in the water without supervision. This can be tricky because you don’t want them to get the idea that the hot tub is scary or forbidden—you just want them to know that it’s only something they can use with an adult present or a buddy that has sufficient experience.

6)      Heat Check

It’s recommended to keep your hot tub water below 100° F if it’s frequently used by children. Their little bodies have a hard time regulating and can overheat or get dehydrated. Be sure to also limit their time in the water (10-15 minutes) unless you have it cool enough that they can use it for extended periods of time (95° F or lower). A few hours before use, lower the temperature on your hot tub.

7)      Secure the Premises

Along with a possible fence, you can add things like a safety rail, steps, and slip-resistant pads around the hot tub. This will keep them from falling when they get in and out of the hot tub or if they run around it (which they should avoid doing). The only risks aren’t necessarily restricted to while they’re soaking in the water. There could be potential accidents when they move around the hot tub cabinet.

8)      Be Prepared

This is not only helpful for boy scouts, but parents too. Become CPR certified if you aren’t already. If there is an accident, time is of the essence and there may be something you can do before an ambulance arrives.

Have a first aid kit nearby. Whether you have a storage drawer nearby or have one inside the back door of your house, stock a first aid kit with supplies in case of any cuts or falls. Remember to restock it regularly.

A hot tub is a great addition to any household, even with children. Just follow these eight easy ways to make your hot tub safe for kids and soak away!
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