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Paradise Hot Tub Vacuum



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Fix A Leak

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Scumball - 2 Pack


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Thermal Spa Blankets

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303 Aerospace Protectant

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Hot Tub Cover Clips - 4 Pack


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Scrubber Brush


ecoone Hose Filter


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Hot Tub Vacuum


Polaris Spa Wand Pro


Polaris Spa Wand


Grit Gitter Vacuum


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Deluxe Floating Thermometer





Hot tub accessories can encompass anything as utilitarian as hot tub cover protectant to items that are as fun and frivolous as a floating glitter globe. When you make a hot tub purchase, you often get the basics. After get the necessities like a hot tub cover, cover lift, and spa chemicals, you should look through our well-stocked accessory section and fill your basket with anything that will help keep your hot tub in tip top shape or add fun to your time in the water.

We carry a variety of fun and amusing floating thermometers. Always know the temperature of the water you’re entering, especially when using it with small children. While most spa topside control panels will display a temperature reading, it can sometimes be inaccurate. A floating thermometer will give you an accurate reading and assurance that the water you’re about to enter is safe.

Other items like filter flossers and hose attachment pre-filter are must-have accessories to keep your water clear and maintained. For safety, pick up steps, handles, and storage drawers that all make great additions for any hot tub set up. But that isn’t all! Look through all the accessories and we’re sure you’ll find something you never knew you couldn’t live without.