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Hot Tub & Spa Chemicals

Maintaining proper sanitation and chemical balance in your hot tub is of the highest priority. It keeps the water clean and bathers safe from bacteria and harmful waterborne agents. Whether you use a traditional sanitizer like bromine or chlorine, or use an alternative system like Spa Frog or Nature 2, we’ve got everything you need to maintain a relaxing and sanitary hot tub environment.

Your hot tub will last much longer if you keep a watchful eye on all aspects of your hot tub’s water chemistry balance. Aside from sanitizer, this includes pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. We carry chemicals at Hot Tub Warehouse that can help correct each of these levels so that you can enjoy your water while your system is cared for. Avoid nasty side effects of imbalanced water like foam, calcium buildup, and corroded plumbing through proper use of hot tub chemicals.