Answers to a Few Commonly Asked Questions about Hot Tubs & Spas

What is the difference between a hot tub and a spa?Woman Relaxing in Hot Tub

These two terms are commonly used interchangeably, so what is the real difference? In the 1960’s wooden, barrel shaped tubs of hot water became popular and were referred to as “hot tubs.” These small units, usually held only 1 or 2 bathers and did not have any of the fancy features used today.Hot Tubs have since evolved to containing pumps, jets, filters, and chemically treated water.

Later on when companies began manufacturing fiberglass tubs or tubs with a thermoplastic shell they began calling them “spas” to differentiate them from their wooden counterparts. As time has gone on many people have come to consider spas as the in-ground built in version of hot tubs.

The truth is there is really no right or wrong answer as to which is which, basically a large tub filled with water, often containing jets, a pump, filter, and chemically treated water can be referred to as either a spa or a hot tub, many people will often also call them a whirlpool or Jacuzzi but really they are all normally referring to the same thing.

How much does it cost to run a hot tub/ spa?

Electrical and gas costs will vary based on the area you live in and the model, size, and quality of the tub but normally a hot tub costs about $10-$30 a month on your utility bill. Making sure you purchase a high quality, well-insulated tub can help keep these costs on the low end, as well as making sure that you have a quality cover that retains heat well, as heating the tub is the primary cost.

Other than utility cost, you will have chemicals and regular maintenance such as filters and parts as needed, but if a spa is well taken care of these costs can remain low.

Is it hard to keep clean water and balance chemicals?

There are many different options as far as spa sanitation goes but whichever one you choose the important thing is to stay on top of it. As long as you care for your water regularly, chemical maintenance should only take a few minutes every few days, or weekly depending on how often the tub is used and by how many people.

Hot tubs should be drained and refilled every 3-4 months to maintain clean water, at this time the owner should also clean the spa filters. As long as you stay on top of these things they will not be extremely time consuming, however if they are neglected it could cause problems that will be more time consuming later.

I’ve heard that covers can be heavy and hard to remove, is this true?

A quality cover that is in good condition should not be so heavy that a person of average physical condition cannot manage it, however over time covers can become water logged and heavier; if you have that issue it is really time for a new cover.

We do however recommend a cover lift system to anyone with a spa, as it will help you remove your cover with ease allowing for a more enjoyable bathing experience. It will also extend the life of your cover as prevents wear and tear on the cover by it having a place to rest and not being in contact with the ground.

Cover lifts are also available with hydraulic or gas shocks that allow anyone, even those in a more frail physical condition, to remove the cover with ease.

These are just a few of the common questions we get from people about hot tubs, if you have any other questions please visit us at

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