How to Conduct a Hot Tub Purge

When your hot tub starts to have water chemistry problems, it can be tricky to figure out where the issue is originating. Foaming, debris coming out of the jets, cloudy water and all manner of spa water unpleasantness can seriously deter you from using your hot tub and benefiting from your time in the water. Many owners will resort to a drain and refill, which is the correct move. HOWEVER, one of the major steps many people miss is conducting a hot tub purge.

A hot tub purge is the only way to truly clean your hot tub in all the nooks and crannies. Bio-film is a hard to eradicate problem that plagues most hot tubs that have been around for a while. Bather byproduct that is sloughed off in the water can make its way into the plumbing—lotions, hair products, sweat, deodorants, etc.) and cause chronic hot tub chemistry woes.

Other situations that may require the use of spa purge is after the initial set up of the hot tub unit. Even if you get a hot tub directly from a dealer, there can be foaming problems due to build up in the pipes. I’ve heard of new owners putting water in a hot tub and having immediate and overwhelming amounts of foaming in the water because the hot tub had sat out for six months and accumulated gunk despite being brand new. Whether you purchase a new or used hot tub, you should always fill, purge the hot tub, drain and then refill.

Purging your spa returns the plumbing conditions to original condition, removes built-up organic waste, and is compatible with all sanitizing systems. It’s difficult to clean inside plumbing, so spa purge reaches the places you can’t.

Hot tub purge also works on jetted tubs.


Can’t I just conduct a hot tub shock to fix my hot tub water?

Unfortunately, a chlorine shock does not solve all maintenance problems, particularly if the root of it lies inside the plumbing. You will want to make sure that potentially harmful bacteria is eradicated as soon as possible, making a hot tub purge necessary.


Spa Purge comes in a one liter bottle and will clean out the organic build-up and debris and will not harm your septic system. You can also drain the water afterward onto the lawn without worrying about chemical damage.

NOTE: Spa Purge may not work if your chlorine or sanitizer level is above 6 ppm.

    • To use Spa Purge in a hot tub, make sure the water is heated to more than 95° F.

    • Once the spa is heated to that temperature, empty the full one-liter bottle into the water.

    • Let the Spa Purge sit in the hot tub for 12 hours, running the pump and jets for five minute intervals over the course of that period.

    • Keep an eye on the system so that the foam doesn’t overtake the sides of the tub.

    • After 12 hours, drain the tub and rinse it while the bad water is being pumped out.

    • Spa Purge will break down oils, clogged filters, lotions, hair products, and any other nasty contaminants from the piping of the tub. Spa Purge uses natural enzymes that bind to the organic contaminants and breaks them down into smaller parts like carbon dioxide and water.

    • Before refilling, make sure you clean all the fittings, pillows, and that you clean the filter.

    • Repeat the process as necessary.
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