Cover RX by Cover Valet

Finally, a hot tub cover lifting option that will work for virtually any above ground spa! This cover lift does away with problems that people often run into when searching for a cover lift, like shape, clearance, mounting options and more. The Cover RX is truly the right prescription!

The Cover RX is very easy to install with the its under mounting installation plate. The under mount design also allows for installation on whatever side of the spa you choose! This also eliminates any need to drill holes in the side of your hot tub, so whether you are worried about your hot tub not supporting a side mount lift or you just want to keep your cabinet pretty and hole free, this is the perfect solution. The under mount design also makes the lift compatible with spas of all shapes---round, square, rectangle, or octagon, it doesn’t matter all will work with the Cover RX. The under mount design will work on spas between 24”-40” in height.

The Cover RX also only requires minimal clearance to operate versus many of its competitors! The Cover RX only needs 14” of clearance with no side clearance needed. This makes the Cover RX ideal for spas in tight spaces or where clearance is an issue.

The Cover RX is very easy to operate, designed to be operated by a single user from the side, back or even inside of the spa. Having a single gas shock that assists with the raising and lowering of the cover there is no strain on you. The Cover RX also fully supports your spa cover which puts absolutely no stress on your cover and will prolong the life of your cover.

The Cover RX is made of high quality powdered coated aluminum for added durability. It also features a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. There has truly never been a more complete spa cover lift.

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