Debris from Hot Tub Jets

Turning on your hot tub jets and having debris spew out is never a good experience for a spa owner.  Luckily, most times this is a fairly easy fix once you find the root of the problem. There are a few things that could be causing debris to come out of your hot tub jets.

Debris Caused by Dirty Plumbing

The most common is dirty plumbing.  Scum and other organic build up, caused by body lotions, oils, cosmetics, and hair products brought into the spa by bathers may occur in your plumbing lines that eventually flakes away and comes out when the jets are turned on. Luckily, Spa Purge, by Natural Chemistry, is made just for problems like these.  Spa Purge will break down these contaminants and clean your spa where you can’t, which will take care of the debris coming from your spa jets.  It is good to use Spa Purge on a regular basis to avoid the buildup, and avoid this debris in the future.

Debris Caused by Deteriorating O-Rings

If you regularly use Spa Purge but are experiencing debris that is black you may have a problem such as deteriorating or corroding O-rings. Especially if you have an older spa this is a likely cause, and can be fixed by replacing your O-rings, this should not only stop the debris but make sure your plumbing is water tight also.

Debris Caused by Corroding Jet Diffusers

Another common cause of spa debris is corroding or deteriorating jet diffusers. These are white plastic housings for your hot tub jets that can be eaten away overtime due to bad water chemistry.  As they deteriorate they can cause white debris in your spa. If you have corroding diffusers it is recommended that you replace not only your jet diffuser but your hot tub jets as well, as often the bearings in the jet are deteriorating also. After replacement the only way to avoid this problem in the future is keeping up on your spa chemicals and ensuring balanced water chemistry is maintained.

As always, the best way to keep everything running smoothly on your hot tub and to avoid problems is regular upkeep, hot tub filter cleaning, and water balancing.
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