Do I Need a Hot Tub Cover?

Long time hot tub owners know the importance of a durable spa cover, but many new owners may still be on the fence about whether to spend more money on a spa cover after having already invested in a hot tub.

After depositing quite a good chunk of money purchasing, installing and setting up the hot tub, they’re likely to balk at the idea of spending even more money and therefore opt for cheap alternatives such as plastic or rubber tarps. Unfortunately, these items provide minimal, if any, protection and fail to shield your hot tub from key environmental and situational factors. Purchasing a good quality hot tub cover is hugely important as it protects your investment and keeps it in good, working condition.


Hot tub covers will provide a safety net for families by preventing accidental slips and falls. Unattended children or pets are at risk for accidents that could have serious, even deadly, results if they wander out near an uncovered pool or hot tub. Protect your family by securely covering your spa or hot tub so no accidents occur.

Heat Retention

Insulated hot tub covers keep heat trapped so the water retains warmth. This lowers your electricity costs as it will take less time to get the water back up to optimal heat levels. Typically, water heats up and cools down more slowly than other surfaces so an uncovered spa will utilize a large amount of power to heat up the entire body of water – save money and time by retaining heat in your spa with a fitted spa cover.

Durability in Inclement Weather

During severe storms (and even on windy days) a tarp will quickly and easily be blown off by powerful winds. To keep this from happening, hot tub owners will oftentimes secure their plastic tarps with bricks, cinderblocks and other heavy items. The danger with these items is that even while stationary, they can cause harm to your hot tub by corroding the surface. Alternately, in strong storms they may be blown off along with the tarp and cause damage to your property.

Evaporation & Cleanliness

A fitted spa cover will keep your hot tub from losing water through evaporation, as well as keeping impurities from seeping in and polluting your clean water. Since hot tubs are not drained and refilled after every use, it is critical to make sure to maintain the ratio of water to chemicals and to sustain the level of water cleanliness. Without regular use of a spa cover, you will more frequently need to either refill your hot tub, or entirely drain the hot tub in order to clean it.

Without the correct hot tub cover, dirt can be blown in underneath tarps and contaminate the water leaving your hot tub murky and brown like an unkempt pool and making it unfit for use! Sturdy covers are also more durable than tarps when larger debris (such as branches) falls in to the hot tub as they are designed to keep pollutants out and maintain the level of water in your hot tub.

Ashely Olson, Hot Tub Warehouse. Hot Tub Warehouse is a supplier of quality hot tub parts and accessories, including fitted spa covers and hot tub covers. For a wide selection of hot tub chemicals, testing supplies, filters and more, please visit Hot Tub Warehouse.
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