Effects of High/Low Hot Tub pH

hot tub waterAre you experiencing scale build up, cloudy water, or having trouble keeping your sanitizer levels where they should be? How about itchy dry skin or burning eyes after using your hot tub? All of these and other issues could be caused by pH outside of the recommended range.

It is important to keep your pH levels between 7.2 and 7.8 on the logarithmic pH scale which ranges from 0.0 to 14.0. Having pH levels that are higher than 7.8 or lower than 7.2 can cause problems for your and you hot tub.

High pH is a common cause of calcium and scale build up at your hot tub water line and cloudy or dull water.  It also causes bathers to often experience itchy skin and burning eyes.  Keeping your hot tub sanitizer levels where they should be is also very difficult when your pH is too high, along with clogging of your filter media and elements.

Low pH may cause corrosion of metal hot tub parts like you heater element, and staining due to the metal corrosion. Like with high pH bathers will experience itchy dry skin and burning if the eyes and nose. Low pH will breakdown swimwear and hot tub accessories, and causes rapid dissipation of hot tub sanitizer like chlorine requiring more frequent dosages to keep the levels correct.

To avoid the issues cause by pH that is too high or too low it is important to test your hot tub water frequently with a water test kit or test strips and make adjustments when needed.

If you do encounter a problem with high pH, use a pH down product to get it back within the correct range.  If your pH is too low, use a pH up product to raise the pH. Keeping your hot tub’s pH levels in check will create a more comfortable environment for your bathers, help you avoid scale and calcium buildup, and help keep your hot tub equipment free of corrosion.
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