Energy Saving Tips for Winter

hottub_energywinterWinter usually means increased energy bills our heaters are on around the clock trying to keep our toes toasty through these cold, harsh months. Many residents of the Northeast have invested in effective ways to cut down on energy costs while keeping their homes warm – from insulated attics to double paned windows. However, other items can rack up costs during the winter months, such as a hot tub or spa.

Of course, the best way to save energy and keep costs down with a spa or hot tub would be to shut it off for the winter months, but we all know there’s nothing better than taking a dip in the warm water with a good glass of wine during a cold, clear winter night and studying the starry sky! There are many effective energy saving ideas available for outdoor spas that will allow you to enjoy your hot tub through the winter season!

Check out our winter energy savings tips below!

1. Energy efficient hot tubs: Most newer hot tub models have energy saving devices and features built in – from more effective jet pumps to insulated spa walls, advanced filtration systems, titanium coil heaters, LED lighting and more. There are a wide variety of optional energy efficient features that come with new spas or that can be upgraded for older models. New electric models have been reported to be nearly twice as efficient as the older models.

2. Insulation: Most modern spas have well-insulated shells or bodies, but heat can still escape from the top of the spa. Using a sturdy, fitted, foam spa cover can save time, energy and water in the long run by trapping heat, reducing evaporation and decreasing the amount of time you need to spend cleaning, refilling and adjusting the chemicals in the hot tub.

3. Lowered thermostat: During winter, maintaining you hot tub temperature requires more energy than it does during the summer months. Lowering your thermostat can minimize costly heating.

4. Timing is everything: Hot tub use during the winter is pleasant, but it probably won’t be frequent or constant. Implementing a timer can help reduce costs by only switching on the hot tub and heating it up when you typically use it. For example, if you enjoy a warm soak after a long work day, set your timer to switch on at around 4:30pm giving it plenty of time to heat up. This way the heater is not constantly on.

5. Pump power: The most efficient thing you can do is only run the spa pump as long as you need to. Start by running the pump for eight hours per day. If the pool stays clear, run the pump less often. If it starts to get cloudy, run it a bit more each day until it clears. You may find that different run times are required at different times of the year.

6. Draining: For those who do not plan on using their hot tubs throughout winter draining can save money and hassle although it is time consuming. If draining seems like too much, using a hot tub cover is absolutely crucial to keep the water from freezing.

7. Off Peak Heating: Use your timer to reduce peak loads by programming it to “off” during peak hours. Contact your utility company to find out if they offer off-peak rates (lower charge during off-peak usage hours). A well-insulated tub will maintain much of its warmth and will not require as much time or energy to heat up when you want to use it later.

8. Thermal Blanket: Consider implementing a floating thermal blanket to further insulate the water against the cold of winter – this will lower energy costs and prevent the water from freezing during the coldest days.

Implementing even a few of these ideas can really make a difference when that energy bill arrives so take time to establish which measures will best maximize your savings! Check back soon for more tips and information on hot tub ownership and maintenance!

Ashley Olson, Hot Tub Warehouse. Hot Tub Warehouse is a supplier of quality hot tub parts and accessories, including fitted spa covers and hot tub covers. For a wide selection of hot tub chemicals, testing supplies, filters and more, please visit Hot Tub Warehouse.
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