Hot Tub Enzymes

What are Hot Tub Enzymes?

If you are familiar with a “catalyst” in chemistry, an enzyme can be considered a biological rather than a chemical catalyst. For us less science savvy folk, a catalyst is something that accelerates or causes a reaction or change without changing itself.

For example, enzymes play a huge part in the human digestive system by breaking down food into nutrients that can be absorbed for the body. Enzymes are also responsible for alcohol fermentation and the decay of wood and leaves in the forest.

Hot tub enzymes work this way by breaking down the contaminants that are brought into the spa by bathers. Things such as body oils, lotions, urine, sweat, and other things that may be introduced into your hot tub water by the people using it.

Why use Hot Tub Enzymes?

Due to the small area of a hot tub and the raised temperatures of the water, contaminants can build up quickly. Using a hot tub enzyme like Spa Perfect, will allow for the breakdown of the organic waste and converting it into basic elements such as carbon dioxide and allowing it to be absorbed into the hot tubs environment.

Results of Using Hot Tub Enzymes

After using a hot tub enzymes such as Spa Perfect, one can expect reduced spa maintenance and less filter cleaning due to the breakdown of the waste rather than having it trapped in the spa filter. Hot tub enzymes reduce chemical smell and skin and eye irritation from hot tub use, you will also notice no scum lines and the feeling of soft, silky water.

A hot tub enzyme is a great natural way to help keep your hot tub water clean and clear!
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