Hot Tub Filters

Having trouble maintaining your hot tub water at the quality you would like it? Maybe it is time to see how your hot tub filter is working for you.

The most important thing when it comes to having high quality hot tub water is your filtration system. If your filter is worn out or clogged it will not do its job of filtering the contaminants out which then puts strain on your spa’s pump and heater.

Your hot tub filter cartridge should be rinsed and cleaned every two weeks to monthly depending on the spa usage. In order to clean the filter you will want to pressure wash it at a 45 degree angle with your garden hose both inside and out in order to make sure it is clear of all dirt and debris. Spray between each pleat to ensure that all foreign material is cleared. The filter flosser is a great attachment for your garden hose to ensure the filter gets a deep clean. It can also help you clean your filter 50% faster & using 50% less water and it also virtually eliminates back-splash.

Some particles such as algae, suntan lotion, and body oils may not be able to be removed just by hosing the filter. These contaminates can clog the filters pores leading to greatly reduced filtration. In order to rid the filter of such contaminants you will want to use a cleaning compound such as SpaPure Filter Cleaner. It works overnight. A 12 to 14 hour soak of your filter will assure complete removal of all contaminants including those that may have been deeply set. SpaPure Filter Cleaner is compatible with chlorine, bromine, and biguanide sanitizers.

Hot tub filters should be replaced annually. Many people also prefer to use the rotation method of keeping a spare clean dry filter on hand all the time to immediately replace the one being removed for cleaning. This will help your filters last longer and you will never lose a minute of usage in your spa while waiting to clean a filter.

Here are a few other tips when it comes to maintaining your hot tub filter:

  1. Never use a power washer or dish washer to clean your filter cartridge as the pressure could damage the filter media.

  2. Never use household cleaners or laundry detergent, or bleach to clean your filters, as they could cause major foaming problems in your spa water.

  3. We recommend that you keep a spare clean dry filter on hand to rotate your current filter with.

  4. We recommend you replace your filter cartridges yearly.

  5. Always follow your equipment manufacturer's instructions for removing and reinstalling hot tub filter cartridges.

  6. Find new or replacement filters in our Hot Tub Filters Search Tool, whether you are currently using Filbur Filters, or another branch such as Pleatco Filters or Unicel Filters just type in the number and we will find the filbur replacement. You can also search for a replacement by dimensions if you do not know the model number you are currently using.

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