Hot Tub Leak Repair

Having a leak in your hot tub can be a real pain, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for and how to find it. Following a few simple steps, you should be able to find the source of the leak and be able to decide how to proceed with a repair, without a lot of headache.

Before beginning your search for a leak be sure to disconnect all power to the hot tub. Once you are inside the equipment compartment, most leaks can be sourced to certain parts of the tub such as:

  • Pump Wet End Seal

  • Heater Assembly Manifold

  • PVC Plumbing Parts and Tubing

  • Jet Bodies

  • Slice and Gate Valves

  • Connections

  • Pump

Once you are in the equipment compartment the first place you will want to check is the pump, often a bad pump seal can be the cause of the leak. If you find the water to be leaking from the pump you will want to determine whether just a new seal is needed or if the entire wet end should be replaced. Replacing your entire wet end may save you a lot of headache as new seals can be somewhat difficult to install without breaking them or other components within the wet end.


You will want to check all of the union fittings located around the pump and the heater. Even in brand new spas unions can become loose due to vibrations during shipment. Do not use a wrench to tighten hot tub unions. Unions should be fairly simple to tighten by hand, if not you may need to remove them realign parts for a straighter fit and then tighten by hand. Do not use a wrench to tighten hot tub unions.


Your heater assembly manifold consists of your heater assembly, pressure switch, and other components of the heating unit. If you find the leak to be within any of these parts you will need to proceed with replacing the necessary parts.


Next, check all valves in your hot tub as they can be a common source of leaks. On knife style valves, there is a gasket between the two halves that are bolted together that could be causing leaks. Also, some manufacturers build hot tubs with valves installed on either side of the pump so that water does not need to be shut off to allow access to the pump for repair or replacement. In theory the idea is a good one but often owners will choose to remove these valves as they are a very common source of leaks and can be more of a headache than they are helpful.

Connections and Jets

At this point, if the source of the leak has not been located you will want to move on to checking all of your jets, pipes, and connections. Leaking jets can be caused by a bad gasket in the jet body but it is also possible for jets to go bad overtime and they may need to be replaced. When checking connections they may need to be tightened or resealed with PVC glue.

If you do not want to tear into your equipment and spend the time and headache of trying to locate a leak, a great first step repair option is Fix-A-Leak. Fix A Leak is blended concentrated material designed to seal leaks in virtually any material and can be applied for leaks in the shell and works equally well in the plumbing. It is made specifically for hot tubs and can fix leaks up to 1/8” in diameter.Trying Fix-A-Leak first may save the headache of trying to locate the leak in your equipment, if the use of fix-a-leak as directed does not work you can then proceed with the above mentioned steps in attempting to find the leak.

Fix-A-Leak is very simple to use, just complete the following steps:


1. First determine water loss in a 24 hour period
2. Fill to original level, mark water line
3. Remove all cartridges or filtering devices
4. Slowly add Fix A Leak with pump running through skimmer
5. Recirculate for 6-8 hours. Shut system off
6. Check water level the following day
7. If level remains the same the leak has stopped
8. Allow 48 hours before resuming operation
9. It's recommended not the use spa till leak is fixed and the remainder of Fix A Leak is filtered out.

If Leak has slowed and not totally stopped you may add more product to increase strength of solution already in spa.

Stir Fix A Leak in the spa with soft broom to get solution back into suspension.

Follow steps 5-8 as before.

Product Note:
Normally Fix A Leak will seal holes 1/8" in diameter. The product requires pressure to ensure it's impacted into the area of the leak. Leaks created by a crack in a pipe in all probability will be sealed. The leak may reoccur due to vibration which in turn will migrate in size, recreating the leak. Most spas are foam insulated, and when saturated with water, will greatly delay the cure time of Fix A Leak. It would be best to drain spa, immediately wipe down shell with a damp cloth to remove any residue of Fix A Leak. Allow 3-5 days before refilling, in most cases this will allow the product to cure.
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March 6, 2016

Hi, great blog. I bought a used hot tub that didn’t leak until I got it home. It had a slow leak until I drained it to try and find out where it was leaking from. I couldn’t find where it was leaking from so I refilled it and now the leak continues, but now it’s a faster one. The only time it leaks though is when I turn the hot tub on. When it’s off it never leaks. Any advice?

Kasey LaRose
April 19, 2016

If the hot tub is brand new, we would definitely recommend you have the dealer send out a service tech as it should be under warranty. If it is leaking that much, it could be that a fitting is loose, but a tech will likely have to get into the spa cabinet to take a look.

Kasey LaRose
April 19, 2016

When using Fix a Leak, it is not recommended that you need to drain your spa in order for it to work. It is possible that once there was no water pressure on the fixed area, the leak came unplugged. Or it could have dried out when it had no water in it. I would give it another try and not drain the spa this time. Fix a Leak is a great product, but it’s always a temporary fix. Even if it stops the leak for a year or more, it is likely you will have to use the Fix a Leak again.

Steve thompson
October 30, 2015

Have a Hot Springs Spa, leaking some ware underneath, used the stop leak, it worked, drained and let cure for five day, refilled, no leak until I ran the jets, leak is back, same as before, what now?

November 14, 2015

I have a jacuzzi spa with a leak in the heater manifold. Would fix a leak work on leaks in the metal manifold?

December 30, 2015

We just got a brand new hot tub, it is leaking a big puddle from the right front bottom, is this going to be a reoccurring issue, I’m not happy about spending that much money if it’s going to continue to happen, I need to know if I should return it, we had one several years ago and it never had any problems. Is it possible that something underneath is loose, sorry don’t know much about these but have been reading the posts.

May 20, 2015

I have a hot tub that leaks from the fill line down to where water doesn’t get in the filters anymore and then it stops leaking what can I do to fix this or do you know what the problem is?

Paula Vaiana
June 24, 2015

I have a dream maker x500, I don’t see any visible leaks. In fact I don’t know much about spas, I may not even have all the Jets and plugs in the right way. The tub will not fill up past half way, then it leaks all the way down until there’s only about a foot of water. My question is if I should use fix a leak and how can I use it if I can’t get the tub to fill with water??? Thank you

April 7, 2015

Greetings – I have a 1995 Sovereign Hotspring spa, and I’m interested in using hot tub leak repair. Local spa guy says it’s an in “infoam leak, which is very costly to repair.” However, the jets on this thing only run at one speed, which is fast. I’m a little concerned about running this for six hours on one (high) speed, which seems detrimental to the motor, fittings, etc.. Advice, please, and thanks!

April 22, 2015

Have a Hotsprings model F that sat last two winters. I filled it and water is leaking bad, like all drained from floor drain within 24 hours. The thing is 600-800 pounds and I don’t have a way to lift it other than maybe a bunch of guys to flip on a side (not sure if it can handle that weight on the plastic though. The leak wasn’t coming anywhere I can see (like no water puddle) under the motor in that front compartment. So if it is leaking that fast I can only assume that something- maybe the lowest tube collected water and froze-cracked. It it worth trying this assuming I can’t run the pump since I don’t want to have it sucking in air (probably not good).

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