Hot Tub Lighting

When it comes to achieving the perfect mood or ambiance for your spa, lighting can be the key.There are many options available from standard white lighting to color changing LED’s. Choosing the right lighting scheme for your hot tub is sure to please you and your guests.

The first thing to know when considering your hot tub lighting is what kind of lighting your control system will support, if any. Depending on the control system you have operating you hot tub your choices may be limited; this may also be something to consider when you are purchasing a new control system.

The most commonly used hot tub or spa light is a Waterway Light Bulb 813-4370, 12V/ 9 watt. This works with either a 3-1/2 or 5 inch light housing.This light bulb is white and these light housings come with blue or red lenses giving options for some color change but only manually through a change of the lenses, however if you currently have this light and are looking for an upgrade there are LED replacement options available, such as the Mood EFX22, Mood EFX 7, or the ColorGlo LSL9-1.

LED lighting offers a superior light experience for your enjoyment; with programmable lighting options for color changing light shows. These lights can ensure that you achieve the perfect effect for your hot tubing evening. If you are looking for a soft romantic glow, you can set the colors to soft slow changing colors. If you are having a loud, fun party with music and a good time set a fast funky paced bright color option. The possibilities are endless.

No matter what your lighting needs, at Hot Tub Warehouse we carry many different choices for your spa lighting needs.

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Angie Treasure
January 19, 2015

Amy, it sounds like you may have a crack in the socket surrounding the assembly and tightening the new light may have increased that damage. You may want to call a local hot tub technician to help solve the problem and prevent further damage. Good luck!

Amy Martens
January 17, 2015

HELP! Our hot tub was leaking around the light assembly, so we removed the old one and replaced it with a new one. The old one we did find a crack around the outside edge. The new one is also leaking, we have tried it very tight and now loose. Please help, my husband is ready to take a 12 gauge to it!

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