Hot Tub Safety 101: Chemical Storage, Spa Covers, Rails and Steps

Over a few weeks we will be running a blog mini-series, Hot Tub Safety 101. Each post we will be covering a different aspect of making sure you are not only enjoying your spa to its fullest potential but being as safe as possible while doing it.

In this segment we will be discussing keeping the area around your spa safe for all who are near it. This includes ways to make sure you are storing your spa chemicals properly, the importance of spa covers, and considering rails and steps as an added precaution.

Hot Tub Chemical Storage

As with any other chemicals or cleaning additives, hot tub chemicals can be dangerous if they are not stored and used appropriately.  First of all, chemicals should always be stored out of the reach of children, and always make sure that the lids are securely fastened. Spa Chemicals should be stored in a cool, dry place that is well ventilated and not in direct sunlight. It is important to ensure that the chemicals stay dry and no moisture is able to get in, this also applies to hot tub supplies such as aromatherapy crystals, like Spazazz.

Chemicals should never be mixed together prior to adding them to your spa water.  Some people prefer to dissolve chemicals individually in a clean bucket of water and then add them to the spa one bucket of water at a time. This method can help prevent having chemical granules settle on your acrylic surface which may cause scratching of your hot tub shell.

As with all chemicals, hot tub chemicals can be dangerous if not used responsibly.


Spa Covers

Hot Tub Covers are a very important element of hot tub safety, keeping your spa securely covered anytime it is not in use is important to keeping small children and pets out of danger. Spa Covers should fit very securely and be locked to prevent children from being able to remove them or slip under them.  If needed it may be a good idea to consider additional tie down straps for your spa cover to make sure it is as safe and secure as possible.


Hot Tub Steps and Spa Rails

The area around your hot tub can easily become wet and slippery when in use so it is a very good idea to have steps with a non-slip surface and a safety rail for bathers to hold onto when entering and exiting your spa.

If you have shorter or elderly guests they will also appreciate these spa accessories as it will make it much easier for them to access the hot tub comfortably and safely.

Your hot tub is all about enjoyment and relaxation, having the piece of mind that the area around your hot tub is safe for those you love will add to both!
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