Hot Tub Safety 101: Entanglement, Entrapment, and the Buddy System

Over a few weeks we will be running a blog mini-series, Hot Tub Safety 101. Each post we will be covering a different aspect of making sure you are not only enjoying your spa to its fullest potential but being as safe as possible while doing so.

Drowning is a concern anytime one is near a body of water, including a hot tub. Today we will be talking about a entanglement and entrapment which are unfortunately common causes of hot tub related drowning’s.  Knowing what things to look out for and avoid will help you and others stay safe while enjoying your hot tub.

Hot Tub Entanglement

Hair entanglement occurs when a bather’s hair becomes entangled in the drain cover of a hot tub as it is sucked in with the water and becomes stuck.  This commonly happens when children are playing the “hold your breath” game and sticking their heads under water, as a general rule persons should avoid sticking their head under the water while hot tubing to avoid risk of entanglement.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has in recent years helped develop a new standard for drain covers to help avoid hair entanglement. If you have an older spa or are unsure if your drain cover meets current standards it is a good idea to get it checked. Also if your drain cover ever breaks or is removed for any reason the spa should be shut down and not used until it is repaired.

Hot Tub Entrapment

Similar to entanglement, entrapment is when a person’s body part becomes trapped in the hot tub drain. As noted above if you do not have updated drain covers it is important to replace them and make sure they meet today’s current standard to avoid any risk of injury.

The Buddy System

It is always best to use your hot tub with a buddy (another adult) this way should you run into any sort of problem whether it is entanglement, entrapment, medical, or otherwise there will be someone there to help. Children using the hot tub should never be left alone!

Hot tubing is a great way to relax and wind down but like many other enjoyable things it does have its risks. Exercising all necessary safety precautions and following the tips lined out in this series, you will make sure that everyone is having a great time while being safe!
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