How to Prepare Your Hot Tub for Hurricane Season


With Tropical Storms Karl and Lisa picking up speed off of our nation’s coasts, homeowners are beginning to stock up on dry goods, bottled water, and first aid supplies. However, for many homeowners, preparing the home also encompasses preparing the garden as patio furniture, delicate plants, outdoor structures, pools and hot tubs also need to be protected against possible incoming storms.

Preparing your hot tub for a storm, whether it be a severe tropical storm or a hurricane, takes little time and can avoid a great deal of damage both to the spa and, potentially, to your home. It can also save you money on repairs to damages once the storm has blown over!

Hot Tub Tips for Hurricane Season:

o Do Not Drain the Hot Tub
o Turn off Electric Power: any equipment that requires electricity must be shut off by turning off circuit breakers at the main electrical panel.
o Remove Loose Items from the Area: tables, pool and spa accessories or toys, chairs and other items must be stored safely away from the area; typically it is best to store these inside a garage or storage unit as they can become dangerous projectiles if wind speeds are strong.
o Protect All Equipment: wrap your spa parts in waterproof plastic and tie it securely to avoid dirt, small debris and water from entering; if possible, remove vulnerable, exposed items and store them inside the house.
o Add Extra Chemicals: whether your spa uses chlorine or hot tub bromine, add an additional dose in order to prevent contamination from the anticipated debris and dirty water of the storm.
o Do Not Cover the Spa: contrary to what instinct would have us do, it is best to leave your pool or hot tub uncovered during a storm as it is easier to remove debris from a pool or hot tub after a storm then to have to clean up a potentially destroyed pool or hot tub cover. Storms bring wind, and wind can cause falling branches and other flying debris that can damage pool covers.

Preparing Your Yard for Storms:

o Trim tree limbs and branches that extend above cars, pools and/or hot tubs to minimize potential damage; prune any plants or bushes.
o Remove Metal/Glass Items from your Yard: store all metal and glass items inside a garage or house as items such as these could damage, scratch or damage the inside finish of your pool or spa; additionally, if these items shatter in your pool or hot tub, it is virtually impossible to clean up glass shards.
o Protect Delicate Plants: flowers and plants that are particularly delicate ought to be stored inside if at all possible (i.e.: potted plants); for plants that cannot be moved inside, wrap them in protective plastic and secure tightly – although this will not protect them from large debris, it will keep small debris and slashing winds and rain at bay.
o Bring in flags, awnings and umbrellas.

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