Is it Time for a New Hot Tub Filter?

hot tub filterGood filtration is key to a clean healthy hot tub, it is important to clean your hot tub filter regularly but even with great care they all need to be replaced eventually.  We recommend establishing a regular cleaning/ replacement schedule but also watching for signs that it needs replaced sooner than scheduled. A filter rotation method may also help extend the life of your hot tub filter.

Regular Hot Tub Filter Cleaning/ Replacement Schedule

Regularly cleaning your hot tub filter is important, but it does also break down your filter media allowing the fibers to stretch out. This eventually breaks down its ability to filter out all the stuff that it is supposed to get out of your hot tub.

Here at Hot Tub Warehouse, we believe a good rule of thumb is to clean your hot tub filter monthly, and replace it yearly (so about every 12 cleanings), this rule of thumb seems to work as studies have shown that after about 12 cleanings a hot tub filter will usually allow twice as much debris to slip through it as it did originally.

Water Clarity

If you notice that you are not able to make it the whole month between filter cleanings, and your water is becoming cloudy and does not appear as clean, this is a sign that the filter is clogged and possibly reaching the end of its life.

It is hard to give a hot tub filter an exact life expectancy as it is also very dependent on how the chemicals are maintained in the tub, the usage level of the tub, and the hot tub environment.

Extend your Hot Tub Filter Life

We have many customers who love a filter rotation system and believe it helps extend the life of the filter.

How does it Work? A customer will purchase twice as many filters as they need (if your hot tub needs 1 at a time buy 2, if you need 2 buy 4, etc….).  When you pull your filters out to clean them, simply replace them with the extra hot tub filters you have on hand immediately. Clean the ones you took out with filter cleaner, then store them until the next cleaning, then put those ones in and clean the others, then store, simply rotating them each time. This allows for no lost time in your hot tub due to filter cleaning, and allowing the filters to fully dry and rest seems to help extend the life.

This also means that using the rule of thumb above you are only buying new filters every 24 cleanings or 2 years.

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