Is your Hot Tub Ready for the Cold Weather?

It seems like last week summer was making a final statement with record high temperatures in many parts of the country and today winter has decided it is time to get in the game and it is COLD! One thing the cold does bring is the perfect weather for soaking in your hot tub.

Before the cold weather really sets in for good, it is a great idea to do a thorough examination of your hot tub and ensure everything is in tip top shape heading into the cold winter months. Give your equipment a quick look and make sure everything seems to be working well, check for any leaks, and then now is also a good time to drain your water, give your spa and filters a good cleaning, also see how your hot tub cover is fairing.

First, take a look at your equipment. Check your pumps, heater, controls and plumbing to make sure everything appears to be working properly. It is much easier to try and fix a problem now, than in the middle of winter when you are worried about the tub freezing and you are waiting on a replacement part.

Next, make sure you do not have any slow leaks. Is your water level slowly dropping or is there any visible wet spots inside your cabinet? Finding a leak now can save you a lot of headache from having a frozen leak later. If you do find a small leak, the solution is often as simple as running a bottle of Fix-A-Leak through the tub; it will give you a very easy repair to most minor leaks.

Now is a great time to drain the water from your spa, give it a good through cleaning with Spa Cleaner, Gel Gloss, and Spa Purge. Then you can refill with sparkling clean water that should last you through most of the cold winter months. Also don’t forget your filters, pull them out give them a good spray with the hose and then soak them overnight in Filter Cleaner. This will ensure that your tub and water are clean and prepared for the cold weather.

Now, last but not least how is your hot tub cover doing? Is it getting a little saggy or extremely heavy due to water logging? If it needs to withstand the weight of snow during the winter now might me a really good time to think about replacing it. Also, if it is heavy and hard to lift a spa cover lift will come in very handy for you on those cold winter nights you are craving a relaxing soak in the hot tub but not wanting to wrestle the large cover in the snow.

Winter will be here before we know it so if you are planning on soaking in your hot tub while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa and gazing at the stars it is time to make sure your hot tub will be in top working condition for you when you are ready to use it.
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