Nature2 Minerals

Are you looking for a more enjoyable bathing experience in your hot tub? How about to reduce maintenance time, cost, and effort? If the answer is yes, then a Nature2 Mineral System might just be the answer you have been looking for.The Nature2 Mineral System can sanitize your water more effectively than chlorine alone and in the process reduce skin and eye irritation, plus it is very easy to use!

The Nature2 Mineral Stick is a completely self-contained system that slips right into your spas filter, working as part of the circulation system in your spa to keep your water clean and healthy. If you have an ozonator on your spa the Nature2 stick will work great with your ozonator keeping your spa water at the best quality possible.

As each stick lasts as long as 4 months, this EPA registered product can cut down on time for maintenance that is often needed when using bromine or chlorine. With Nature2 all you need to do is regularly add a small maintenance dose of non-chlorine shock and your sanitizer is taken care of. From there just maintain your pH, alkalinity, and water hardness with regular water testing.

Because Nature2 does not require the use of either chlorine or bromine it eliminates the odors and skin or eye irritation that they can sometimes cause. If you are interested in an alternative the traditional methods of spa sanitation the Nature2 System is worth a try. Just make sure to drain and refill your spa with fresh water when you begin a new system.
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