Our Newest Hot Tub Accessories

Here at Hot Tub Warehouse, we try to keep up on the fun new things when it comes to hot tubs; we have a few new hot tub accessories that are sure to please even your littlest bathers, and the adults too!

Floating Light Up Pals

Floating Light Up Pals

With a Floating Light Up Pal hours of hot tub or bath tub fun are ahead. With a dolphin, duck, turtle, or shark to choose from these are sure to please whether they are used by your kids or to help your next hot tub party stand out a little. They are super cute, and affordable!




Fruit Aflote Hot Tub Pillow

hot tub accessoriesThese mouthwatering “fruit” pillows come in lime and orange, their foam-beaded filling offers ultimate comfort whether you are in your hot tub, pool, or at the beach. As far as hot tub accessories go, these offer the best in comfort and style!





Floating Glitter Globes

floating glitter globe

These fun and festive beauties will add spice to any indoor or outdoor event. Not just hot tub accessories, they can float in your hot tub, your centerpiece, or just decorate your table.  Each globe can stay on green, red, or blue, or do a slow rotation through each color!


Whether you are relaxing in your hot tub alone, with your significant other, or throwing a large party with your friends, one or more of these new hot tub accessories is sure to please and make your experience more enjoyable.
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