Pristine Blue, A Non-Chlorine Option

One of the few things that people dislike about swimming or hot tubbing is the chemical odor that can come from the water—not to mention the burning eyes, itchy skin, and chlorine taste when you accidentally get a little drink of the water. Chlorine can also bleach swimming suits and the vinyl liners in pools. Chlorine can be hazardous to store and corrode equipment. Because chlorine has been the dominate product on the market for so long many people don’t realize that there are other choices out there.

If you are interested in going with a Non-Chlorine System, we recommend Pristine Blue. Pristine Blue can provide some advantages over chlorine if you are looking to get rid of the “chemical” odor and side effects that come with chlorine. Pristine Blue is gentle on the skin and eyes and allows for you to swim right after application, unlike chlorine with which there is a need to wait awhile before using the water. Being EPA registered in every state and NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified shows that Pristine Blue is safe.

There are six different products that make up the Pristine Blue Non-Chlorine water system.

The first, Pristine Blue, is the cornerstone of the system, it works as an algaecide and bactericide while being environmentally friendly also. The active ingredient of Copper Ions, that is bonded with a unique carrier allows Pristine Blue to put enough copper into the water to control both bacteria and algae. The active ingredient is long lasting and stays suspended in the water making it so that after the initial dose you only need to test your level of Pristine Blue every two weeks and top it off as needed with more Pristine Blue, this makes water maintenance very quick and easy!

Pristine Clean, will work against scale and metal build up. Metal and mineral particles can come into your water from things like jewelry, hoses, and metal equipment, Pristine Clean prevents these particles from bonding to your pool or spa walls, keeping your surfaces sparkling clean. Pristine Clean can be added every two weeks when you check your Pristine Blue.

Pristine Power is a non-chlorine shock that dissolves quickly and removes odors, organisms, contaminants and body oils that can cause cloudy water. For swimming pools it is recommended to add Pristine Power weekly or biweekly depending on use, for spas adding the recommended dose of Pristine Power should be done after each use, but not exceeding once per day.

Pristine Extra is a di-chlor based shock that is used for initial startup. This product is 99% sodium di-chlor which dissipates very quickly and lets the water rapidly return to its non-chlorine status.

For clearing cloudy water, Pristine Clear will do the job. It brings suspended particles together which allows the filtration system to get them out of the water. Use Pristine Clear as needed with the recommended dosage to keep your water looking crystal clear.

Pristine Check is used to prepare the water before startup with Pristine Blue and also controls calcium in the water. Because Pristine Check collects all the excess calcium in the water before introducing Pristine Blue into the water, you need to make sure to give your filter a good clean after each use of Pristine Check. Pristine Check should be used in spas anytime the water is drained and refilled and in pools it is recommended to add the recommended dose of Pristine Check anytime you are adding make up water.

The Pristine Blue Mini Test Kit is the best way to test the Pristine Blue levels in your pool and spa water. You will also want to use test strips to test the total alkalinity and pH in your water. It is okay to use other pH adjusters with the Pristine Blue system, but you do not want to use any other metal out products, stain and scale products, algaecides, flocculants and cal-hypo shocks. Use of these products is not needed and may cause Pristine Blue to be ineffective in controlling algae and bacteria.

No matter what sanitation system you choose to use it is always very important to follow the dosing instructions of the product you are using and be sure to test and maintain your water as recommended.

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