Spa Vacuums For Your Hot Tub

Spa Vacuum
If you own a hot tub, you know the importance of keeping it clean. The most effective way to keep dirt and debris out of your spa is to take preventative measures before things get nasty. Occasionally, though, dirt is going to enter the water, so prepare yourself with a spa vacuum that removes debris without batteries.Hot Tub VacuumHot Tub Vacuum

This hand-held cleaning device works by pumping the handle like you would a slide whistle, which sucks up the dirt and debris into a see-through filter. Another vacuum to consider is the Paradise hot tub vacuum. According to Hot Tub Warehouse, the Paradise vacuum "works by placing your finger over the air hole at the top of the vacuum. When it is out of the water, place the vacuum into the spa over the area that needs to be cleaned and then release your finger. The vacuum will then fill up with water, and the water flow will suck dirt and debris into the vacuum. Remove from the hot tub and repeat the process as many times as needed."
Spa Wand ProSpa Wand

One of the simplest, but most ingenious devices to remove dirt and silt from your hot tub is a spa wand. These hand-operated wands work by pointing the wand where the dirt is located, manually pumping the handle and then sucking up the dirt through the filter. What makes this cleaning device so effective is that the water that is drawn up during the pumping action is displaced at the top of the wand near the water's surface, so it will not disturb the area that you are trying to clean. There is nothing more frustrating than displaced water scattering the dirt that you are trying to remove. For a more durable wand, try the Polaris Spa Wand Pro, which is constructed with fiberglass for added strength and lasting reliability.
Grit Gitter
Grit Gritter

This manually operated cleaning device looks like a dog's squeaky toy, but is in fact a great affordable option to clean your hot tub with. All you have to do to operate the grit gritter is squeeze, place it directly over the dirt that you want removed and then release. The dirt is then suctioned up into the filter, leaving your hot tub as good as new. The bonus is that it floats if you accidentally drop it.

Any of these devices make for an easy and effective way to clean your hot tub when the need arises. Small and simple to store, and requiring neither hoses, batteries or electricity, they make perfect accessories for any spa.
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January 5, 2016

Thanks for reviewing all these cleaning options, Kasey. I particularly like the idea of the spa wand, and your tip on getting a good quality fiberglass one is very useful!

September 27, 2016

I really like your article about how we can clean our hot tub. The devices you mentioned above are really helpful and amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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