Spazazz RX Spa Aromotherapy

Hot water has a long track record of being therapeutic and good for the body, with the RX line of spa aromatherapy crystals the therapy has never been better. Whether you are plagued with stiff joints, strained muscles, stress, or just a lack of energy, the Spazazz Rx Therapy line has something for you.

Spazazz RX Detox Therapy Crystals - The special detox blend used in the detox therapy crystals will help get rid of built up toxins and restore your natural healthy glow while also helping relieve aches, pains, muscle tension and stress.

Spazazz RX Muscle Therapy Crystals - With a hot and icy blend these crystals are designed to help soothe and relieve sore muscles including an anti-inflammatory for added relief.

Spazazz RX Respiratory Therapy Crystals - Are you congested and having hard time breathing? Take a soak with the RX Respiratory Crystals and let the soothing vapors clear your upper respiratory system and help you relax.

Spazazz RX Joint Therapy Crystals - If you are suffering from achy joints this blend of Spazazz crystals will boost circulation helping to soothe your joint pain, tension, and stress.

Spazazz RX Sport Therapy Crystals - If you just finished playing in the championship game, running in the big race, or any other intense physical activity, Sport Therapy Crystals will provide fast relief for strained tried muscles; reduce toxins, and an anti-inflammatory.

Spazazz RX Energy Therapy Crystals - If you are feeling tired and need a boost after a long day or you need a little extra pick me up in the morning the energy blend will help you add a little bounce to your step. It also includes muscle relaxants that will help with tension and stress.

Spazazz RX Stress Therapy Crystals - This stress relief blend is made to help clear your mind and let you relax from all the stress build up brought on from day to day life, so soak with it in your hot tub or bath tub and feel the stress melt away.

Don’t hesitate, grab a bottle of Spazazz RX Therapy Crystals today and let this be the prescription to help you feel your best and relax!  However, you do always want to consult your doctor prior to using a hot tub or any therapy treatments.
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Kasey LaRose
April 19, 2016

The hot tub aromatherapy products are designed for each time you get in the hot tub. The fragrances usually only last for a short time, while you are in the spa, so it’s doubtful that the scent will still be in there the next day. You will be fine using a different scent and hot tub therapy each day.

Suree Birck
January 29, 2016

I’m researching the idea of hot tub aromatherapy.
My question is this…let’s say I use the tub on Monday with one desired aromatherapy, then decide to use a different therapy n Tuesday…will the therapies overlap? Will Monday’s scent still be in the tub on Tuesday?
I traditionally soak late night.

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