Spring Cleaning....Hot Tub Style!

Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up it is a great time to give your hot tub a good spring cleaning!  Follow these steps and you will have sparkling clean hot tub ready for some relaxation!


Purge your spa!

Ever wonder how you clean the parts of your spa you can’t reach, like the plumbing and inside of the jets? You purge it, with Spa Purge.  Spa Purge gets rid of organic waste build up in your spa and cleans out the placed you can’t get too.


Drain your hot tub and clean it.

Every three to four months your hot tub water should be drained and refilled, and chances are you have not done it since late fall…so now is the perfect time!   While you have the water out of the tub use a scrubber brush and some spa cleaner and give it a good scrub. This will help remove any scale that may be on your hot tub surface, it will also help remove any dirt and debris that has settled.


Clean your hot tub filter!

As part of your regular maintenance you should be spraying off your filter, but it is recommended that you also periodically clean it with a filter cleaning solution like Spa Pure Filter Cleaner or ProTeam Spa Filter Cleaner.  Soaking your hot tub filter in one of these solutions (per the instructions on the bottle) will help release any oils or other contaminants that have built up in your filter. A hose attachment like the Filter Flosser or the Aqua Comb can also help clean your filter better when you spray it off by helping the water pressure penetrate the folds giving a deeper clean.


Refill with a Hot Tub Pre-Filter.

When refilling your hot tub using a spa pre-filter can help make water balancing easier and provide for cleaner start in your hot tub. Pre-filters filter out the metals that maybe in the water coming from your garden hose, getting them out before they go into your spa water can make things much easier for you when it comes to your water chemistry later on.


Balance your water.

The key to a clean, healthy, happy spa environment is proper water chemistry.  You will want to follow the instructions provided by your specific sanitizer for adding it to the water after a refill. You will also want to use a water test kit to test your water chemistry and make sure all elements such as pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness are where they should be.


Check all your Equipment

It is a good idea to periodically check all your equipment to ensure it all appears to be in working order. If you winterized your spa you will want to hook everything back up and get things going again.  Uses your topside control panel to make sure your pump and jets turn on and off properly. Turn your heater to the desired temperature and make sure your hot tub heater is working. If you have any leaks now is a good time to take care of them, for most leaks it is as easy as adding Fix-A-Leak to your water and following the directions.


Accessories and Ease

Spring is a great time to spruce things up around your hot tub, or simply make additions to make things easier.  Tired of lifting the large cover on and off the spa? A spa cover lift would make a great addition and make your hot tub experience much more enjoyable by making your cover easy to remove and replace!  If getting in and out of your spa is becoming increasingly difficult due to age or physical limitations, a new set of spa steps or a spa handrail may be just what you need. Or if you simply need somewhere to set your drinks while you are relaxing in your hot tub check out the Smart Bar.


Check your Spa Cover and Clean it

Examine your cover for any rips or wear and tear from the winter, check to see if it has become waterlogged. If everything appears to be as it should, give your cover a good cleaning. If your hot tub cover has succumbed to the elements and it is time to order a new one, just take your measurements, decide what features you want and order your custom hot tub cover from and we will ship it right to your door.


Relax with Aromatherapy

After all that hard work you now have a clean hot tub to relax in.  So pick your favorite scent from Spazazz Aromatherapy, grab a cold drink, and head out for a soak in your personal oasis!
Spazazz RX Spa Aromotherapy

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