Take a Load Off With a Hot Tub Cover Lifter

It’s been another long work week and you want to enjoy a soothing soak in the hot tub. The only thing standing between you and the most relaxing part of your evening is that massive spa cover.

Make life a little easier with a hot tub cover lift – easy to use, affordable and great for protecting your spa from the elements, cover lifters will give you the little extra helping hand that you need!

Spa Cover Protection

In addition to eliminating back strain and aches, a hot tub cover lifter can lengthen the life of your hot tub cover. Using a cover lift reduces the wear and tear on your spa cover caused by constantly dragging it on and off. With constant pulling, tugging and scraping along the floor, your spa cover will not last very long! Diminish the damage to your spa cover by installing a spa cover lifter that will keep the cover from dragging on the floor and potentially getting torn.


Increase your spa cover’s insulating capabilities with a spa cover lifter which provides another layer of heat retention during the brutally cold winter months, thereby reducing the time and energy needed to reheat the water for use and minimizing the potential for any water freezing.

No Water Logged Covers

If your spa cover is a little older, changes are that it has been water logged and is heavier than normal! Heavy spa covers are cumbersome to remove and can cause back pain, not to mention, water logged spa covers can actually diminish in efficacy as the water may seep into the foam lining and damage it. Eventually, every rigid foam spa cover will saturate with moisture and become ineffective.

A damaged cover will not be effective in insulating your spa and can actually do more harm than good. We recommend implementing a hot tub cover lifter to keep that cover up and off the water.

Ease of Use

This simple mechanism allows one person to remove the spa cover quickly and easily and without the aid of another person. Eliminate strain on your back by using a cover lift to do the heavy lifting for you!

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