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Today, hot tubs have transformed into so much more than the late night rendezvous point that is often depicted in movies and reality television. In fact, according to a survey done by The National Spa and Pool Institute, there are 6 million hot tub owners in the United States, and a study in Arthritis Today showed that 49 percent of these owners use their hot tubs four to six times per week. So, what are all these people using their hot tubs for if not for late night entertaining? Those 6 million people have discovered the top trends of a modern, convenient and affordable backyard spa.

Natural Exteriors

No one wants a hot tub to stick out like a sore thumb in a perfectly landscaped backyard, so natural finishes like smooth marble or textured granite are a growing trend. With these exteriors, a hot tub can become a focal point rather than an eyesore.

Bells and Whistles

Hot tubs now come with options like waterfalls, aromatic scents and illuminating lights. All these features combined will give the user a personal relaxation area where the day's stress can float away.

Cover Removal Systems

New systems now give you the option of removing the cover with a simple press of a button. When you are spared from lifting a heavy, awkward cover, you are going to use your hot tub more often.

Smart Top

Smart Top Cover

This innovative hard cover holds up to 800 pounds, so you no longer have to worry about heavy debris trampling your cover during a storm. Have children? Again, no need to worry about a curious toddler crawling on a caving top and falling into the water.

Multi-Speed Pumps

Hot tubs used to have a two-speed pump option, but today a user can choose from 10 separate degrees of pressure depending on the level of ache in the joints.

Sequenced Jets

To add to the speed pumps, pressured jets now can come in a particular sequence. The jets are placed in specific locations to maximize the massage to certain areas of the body. If you choose one seat, your neck can get a pulsing stream of water, but when you relocate to a different seat, your calves will get the water treatment.

Chlorination Systems

Advanced technology has streamlined the cleaning systems, so you no longer have to clean the hot tub once a week. New systems automatically clean the water, so you just have to clean the filters twice a year.

Swim Spa

Swim Spa


photo credit: D1 Spas

Not only can your spa be a place to ease aching muscles, but the industry has now come out with resistant water current, so you can simulate swimming laps. Many people opt for a swim spa because water resistance is twice as effective as lifting weights and is much gentler on joints.

Dual Temperatures

If you are considering a larger personal spa, one great trend is to set two temperatures to preference. Just like a car with dual front-seat temperatures, hot tubs can now create cooler waters on one end and warmer waters on the opposite side. No need to compromise your comfort for your partner's.

Integrated Technology

What's a modern hot tub without all the newest technology? Hot tubs today now have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies built in, so you can choose to watch TV, listen to your iPod or control the water temperature remotely. Digital control panels will also alert you to any maintenance issues that need to be addressed.


Whether you are using your hot tub as a focal point for a party or as a personal retreat, you will find that all the newest features have led your hot tub to be a staple in your house. You won't be able to imagine how you managed without it.
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