Tips for Moving a Hot Tub


When relocating to another city or state, one of the most difficult decisions is whether or not to move a hot tub along with all other belongings. On one hand, you have invested a good amount of money in your spa and probably enjoy using it quite a bit. Not to mention, hot tubs and other outdoor improvements increase the value of a home. However, the headaches involved in moving such a bulky appliance can sometimes be enough to dissuade even the foremost spa users from trying to haul their hot tub across country.

Since hot tubs are heavy and require specific packaging to remain protected during the moving process, it is best to hire professional movers as they will have both the equipment and expertise to facilitate moving the hot tub. However, if you are only moving a short distance, within the same city or to a nearby city, it may be more economical to move the hot tub yourself. With a little elbow grease and preparation, you can successfully and safely move your spa!


  • Read your owner’s manual as this will provide you with any particular details for your hot tub model and will give you directions for how to remove all equipment (heater, spa pump, etc)

  • Detach all electrical and spa plumbing equipment, pack carefully and label clearly so you can quickly identify what goes where

  • Drain your hot tub (if moving to a cold climate, blow out the pipes with compressed air to make sure no water remains in the pipes, which might freeze and crack)

  • Clean the hot tub

  • Disconnect all electric and/or gas lines and secure loose cords

  • Pack your spa cover separately and clearly label so that it can easily be located later

  • Pack all spa items together to ensure nothing gets lost

  • Document your spa’s condition before moving in case damages occur in transit (photos etc)


  • Rent dollies and/or pallets to facilitate moving the hot tub and keep your spa steady during shipping (be sure to select a pallet of appropriate size)

  • Cover your hot tub for transport; some moving companies also suggest using cardboard or foam to cover the corners of the hot tub for extra protection

  • Strap in the hot tub with tow straps so it does not jostle in transit

  • Use ramps to wheel the dollied hot tub into the truck or van


  • Most moving companies will require you to have the hot tub ready for loading and unloading by your curb or garage

  • Ask your moving company about their insurance coverage and guarantees

  • Before accepting the delivery of your hot tub, make sure to inspect it thoroughly for any damage that may have occurred during transport

  • Get a written statement of work for the Hot Tub move before moving day

  • If you believe damages were incurred during transportation, file a damages claim

Of course as with any large and expensive item, be sure to consult your moving company before making any decisions. It may also be helpful to ask for advice from your hot tub supplier as well as your insurance company so you have all your bases covered when making a decision on how to move your hot tub.

Remember that different hot tubs have different specifications so moving an indoor hot tub may not necessarily be the same as moving an outdoor model. Always refer to your owner’s manual for questions and access other hot tub resources if you have further questions. If you do not feel comfortable moving it yourself, there are plenty of experienced hot tub movers willing to help!

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