Tips to Host the Perfect Winter Spa Party

Although most of us duck inside to the safety of warm blankets and thick socks at the first sign of cold, winter can be the perfect season for hosting a hot tub party for friends and family! Since we’ve gone over how to prepare your hot tub for winter, hot tub maintenance and selecting a hot tub cover, it’s time to put together the ultimate get together!
To throw a great winter hot tub party, nothing is more important than making sure you have the right party accessories.

Spa Accessories

Drinks: Baby, it’s cold outside! So make sure your guests have something warm to drink to keep them toasty while they soak in the spa. We recommend winter favorites such as hot cocoa and coffee, as well as some holiday classics, like eggnog or toddies. Nowhere to place them? Purchase a removable spa shelf so guests can easily reach their drinks.

Toys: Your family is snowed in and the kid’s school got canceled? Time for a hot tub party! Grab some waterproof playing cards and have some family time playing canasta or go fish.

Relax: Nothing is as relaxing as dipping into a hot spa on a cold day - add an inflatable hot tub pillow to maximize relaxation for your guests, or try to swirl in some soothing spa aromatherapy crystals to enhance the overall experience for everyone.

Safety: Don’t forget that sun damage can occur even in the winter! If you are hosting a daytime spa party, be sure to provide waterproof sunblock for friends and family.

Entertainment: Set up a portable DVD player by the hot tub – either on an attachable spa shelf or a table nearby – and pop in your favorite film for a perfect afternoon. If you’d rather keep things more social and conversational, plug your iPod into a portable stereo on a nearby table to enjoy music while socializing with friends and family.

Prepping for the Party

Scenery: A winter spa party set against a crisp white landscape can relax, soothe, re-energize and completely clear your mind. Soak up the surroundings by making sure any unsightly gardening tools or hoses are kept out of site. If you are hosting guests at night, be sure to switch on any holiday lights outside as well as the hot tub light to really enhance the mood! To keep guests warm once they are out of the tub, you can even build a bonfire (purchase a chiminea or fire pit to ensure safety).

Cover Ups: Avoid discomfort by preparing for your guests ahead of time. Suggest that guests bring a robe for after the hot tub and provide everyone with a warm towel once the hot tub portion of the evening is complete. Be sure to lay out mats by the door to keep water from dripping inside the house. Keep guests safe and healthy by providing a warm retreat from the cold in addition to towels, robes and/or socks.

Indoors: Now that you and your guests have enjoyed the invigorating mix of brisk winter air and hot, soothing water, it’s time to relax in the living room with a glass of brandy for the adults and a movie for the children. Light a fire and enjoy the cozy environment, it’s the ideal way to wrap up a winter spa party!

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