What Should I Look for in a Spa Cover?

When looking to purchase a new or replacement hot tub cover, you will find that there are hundreds of sellers trying to get your business. Although price is an important factor, there are several other things that you should look for when determining which cover to purchase. Also a standard cover may not meet all your specific needs so it is also important to consider options and upgrades specific to your hot tub cover needs.

Foam Thickness

Most covers you will find offer some level of tapering in the foam to allow for rain, snow, and ice run off—similar to the slant of the roof on your house. You will find covers with as little as a 3” to 2” taper up to 6” to 4”. A standard cover thickness of 4” to 2” taper should do the job fairly well in most circumstances. If you live in a place that gets very cold and you do get quite a bit of snow on your cover, upgrading to a high foam thickness might be a good option as a higher thickness will help with weight bearing of the snow and also provide better insulation in extreme temperatures.

Foam Density

Much like foam thickness, foam density plays a large part in load capacity and insulation for you cover. Foam density is measured by pound per square inch. The lower the foam poundage the more open the cells of the foam are. The foam used in hot tub covers is rated by an R- Value. Most standard covers would include 1 lb. foam density with an R-Value of 15.5; covers are also available in 1.5 lb. (R-16.5) or 2 lb. (R-17.5). Just like the thickness the higher the foam density the more strength the cover will have for load capacity and will provide added insulation.


When considering a hot tub cover make sure that Marine Grade Vinyl is used. This vinyl is the heaviest available and is also enhanced with UV inhibitors and mildew retardants, to keep you cover safe in direct sunlight and prevent mildew build up from the moisture.

Steam Stoppers

Purchasing a cover with built in steam stoppers will help with keeping the heat in your hot tub. This will cause you heater to have to run less as the temperature will be better maintained and this will also contribute to energy savings.

Vapor Barrier

Many cover manufacturers offer double poly wrapping, we actually recommend a Permaliner Vapor Barrier instead. The vapor barrier is a special thick blue plastic barrier that protects your cover against corrosion from chemicals and ozone, and will also help prevent a “water logged” cover.

At Hot Tub Warehouse, our hot tub covers are custom, made to order. Covers are not a one size fits all when it comes to size or needs and options. This is why we give our customers the opportunity to build a spa cover to meet all their personal needs. Our covers are always made from the highest quality marine grade vinyl, they start at a 4” to 2” tapered foam which can be upgraded, and a R- 15.5 insulation value which can also be increased.
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May 17, 2013

Thank you for the inquiry Mike, we do not sell just the inserts we only sell complete spa covers. Our covers start at just $279.95 which includes free shipping so I believe you would find that to be very competitive to buying just the foam if you are even able to find it. Our spa covers are custom made and come with a 5 year warranty, just visit us at http://hottubcovers.hottubwarehouse.com/ to build yours. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Mike P.
May 17, 2013

I was wondering if replacement cover foam is available for purchase. The foam in my cover has cracked and creates problems with drainage when it rains. The vinyl cover is intact. It is an old hot tub and I am trying to get a couple of more seasons out of it before we start shopping for a new one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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