Why Use a Pre-Fill Filter?

bottled water
When filling your hot tub with water straight from your garden hose, you can sometimes encounter water problems right from the start. A pre-fill filter is a great way to combat those problems and make sure you are getting a fresh clean fill. It is like filling your spa with bottled water.

Water from your garden hose can contain many contaminants such as chemical contaminants, algae, mold spores, bacteria organic debris, TOC's, VOC's, chlorine by-products, suspended solids that can be removed or reduced by the use of a pre-filter. The Pure Fill Spa Pre-Filter connects right to your garden hose, using a food grade activated carbon it suspends solids and chemical by products and reduces and removes metals from the water. Using a pre-fill filter can save you money on start-up chemicals that are normally needed to cleanse the spa of the contaminants that come from garden hose water.

Complete metal removal is not guaranteed with the use of a pre-filter. If you have a high metal concentration in your water you will want to look at using a metal reducing chemical like Pristine Clean Metal Control or ProTeam Metal Magic along with the pre-filter.

The Pure Fill Spa Pre-Filter is extremely easy to use. The water input receives a male end garden hose connector. You simply connect the filter to your garden hose, flush it for thirty seconds, and then fill your spa. The Pure Fill Spa Pre-Filter is also reusable so you can just simply store it until your next use. It is usable up to 1200 US gallons of water or 4500 liters.

The pre-filter also has many household uses. It works great for camping and RVing, kiddy pools, aquariums, flower and vegetable gardens, pet water, and car washing.
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