Winter Hot Tub Preparation

In many parts of the country the chill of winter has already begun to descend with cold mornings and icy evenings. With the impending cold season looking large, it is important to begin considering how to protect your home, your plants and your pool or hot tub.

Most people make sure to plan for the winter months as far as their homes are concerned, but for many, neglecting to consider one’s pool, hot tub or yard can lead to expensive repairs and devastating damages.

Preparing your hot tub for winter is extremely important – it can prevent serious problems caused by freezing, but improperly winterizing your spa could cause extensive damage from water freezing in the piping and/or equipment.

Below are some tips for winterizing your hot tub, remember to consults your owner’s manual and dealer for additional information specific to your hot tub:

1. Program your filter and heat cycles to run at night.
2. Purchase a spa cover that traps heat such as a “thermal blanket” or “solar cover” – this will decrease evaporation.
3. Inspect all pipes for loops or low spots where water will get trapped. Disconnect pumps (or plugs) at low points to avoid water freezing and cracking pipes.
4. Clean your hot tub cover – especially the underside in order to prevent mildew.
5. Purge pipes and lines with a leaf blower and place rodent repellent near openings to dissuade mice or rats from camping out.
6. Many newer spas have different settings including one to avoid freezing – check your owner’s manual to see if your spa offers this mode. This allows the spa to maintain a constant temperature and avoid freezing. For spas that do not offer this – set your timer so that the hot tub is on for about 15 minutes each hour to avoid freezing.
7. Regularly remove the snow from atop the cover.
8. Remove and clean the spa filter, cartridge and any other parts that can be removed – store these indoors for the duration of winter.
9. Drain your tub of all water.
10. Drain pumps and motors fully to prevent freezing. Soak up remaining water with a sponge or vacuum

If you are using your hot tub during winter:

1. The colder it is outside, the longer it will take for your spa or hot tub to heat up. Spas will need to run longer during the winter to maintain the same temperature as in the warmer months.
2. Use an insulating cover when the spa is not in use – even for small spurts of time such as a bathroom break.
3. Remember that winter use of a spa could run your energy bill up an additional $30-40 per month if not more.

As always, consult an expert if you have any doubts – especially if you are a new hot tub owner!

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