Leisure Time Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules

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Leisure Time Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules

Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules from Leisure Time are a concentrated chlorine that will protect against chlorine loss, kill bacteria, destroy organic material and control the growth of algae in hot tubs. Regular use of Spa 56 will keep your hot tub water properly sanitized, clean and crystal clear.

Leisure Time Spa 56 Features:
  • Concentrated chlorine granules
  • Kills bacteria, destroys organic material and controls the growth of algae
  • Protects against, chlorine loss, algae, bacteria and organic waste
  • Keeps water clean and clear
  • Designed for hot tub use


  • 2 Pounds

Active Ingredients:

  • Sodium Dichloro-s-Triazinetrione Dihydrate - 99%
  • Other Ingredients - 1%

Leisure Time 22337A

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