Spa Pure Defoamer

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Spa Pure Defoamer

Defoamer is designed to eliminate foaming in spas, hot tubs, fountains and swimming pools. Foam is usually caused by soaps, oils, lotions, and cosmetics that are introduced into the hot tub during each use. When you turn the jets on this will agitate the foam causing contaminants and cause the foaming to occur.

Spa Pure Defoamer will eliminate the foaming withing seconds of applying to provide a foam free environment.


  • Anti-Foam for Hot Tubs
  • Eliminates foaming on contact
  • Concentrated formula 
  • Will not clog filters or damage equipment.
  • Compatible with all sanitizers


  • 16 Ounces
  • Apply a small amount (approx. two capfuls) directly to the surface of the water with pump in operation.
When comparing dosage amounts to other brands you will find that Spa Pure Defoamer is the best value for your money.

Spa Pure Defoamer

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