Spa Pure Natural Clear

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Spa Pure Natural Clear Clarifier

Natural Clear is a polymer based clarifier that naturally clarifies hot tub water in 4 ways. This is what Natural Clear will do for you:

  • Natural clarifier for hot tubs
  • Gathers debris, body wastes, and tiny suspended particles into large enough particles for your spa or hot tub filter to trap.
  • Natural Clear is a Chelating Agent so it actually removes the metals by precipitating them in the filter. After running filter 8 hours, clean or backwash filter.
  • Natural Clear is a natural biopolymer formula, long-chain-molecule, that catches the oils and contaminant molecules, flocs, them together to be removed from the water through the filter.
  • Natural Clear sets up a network of coating on the filter media so the filter can more efficiently collect debris and contaminants.


  • 16 Ounces

Natural Clear Dosage:

  • Use 1 oz per 500 gallons of water each week to add clarity to the water.
  • Use 2 to 3 oz. per 500 gallons of water to clear cloudy water
Spa Pure Natural Clear

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Spa Pure Natural Clear


My tub is clear again!!

chemical order

This is the second time ordering from Hot Tub Warehouse. Products are reasonably priced and always arrive on schedule. I will continue to use HTW for all my spa needs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank God I found this product because we have tried everything to get the metals out of our spa because our water was green. It not only bubbled up and got foamy so I could skim all the orange out, but it bound together any waste, and I was finally able to get normal colored blue water again. So thankful for this product and highly recommend as a water clarifier and metal remover!!! Just be sure to clean your filter afterwards.
P.S. Leisure Time Metal Gon was absolutely worthless and didn't do a thing. I got a refund from Amazon.

Great product for cloudy water

This product is excellent for clearing up cloudy water. I dealt with cloudy water for almost a year before I tried this product and now my spa is clear!

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