Filbur Filter FC-1425


Filbur Filter FC-3960M


Filbur Filter FC-3915M


Filbur Filter FC-2975


Filbur Filter FC-2972


Filbur Filter FC-0420


Filbur Filter FC-0419


Filbur Filter FC-3320M


Filbur Filter FC-3053


Filbur Filter FC-2810


Filbur Filter FC-0475


Filbur Filter FC-0418


Filbur Filter FC-0360


Filbur Filter FC-3085


Filbur Filter FC-2790


Filbur Filter FC-2387


Filbur Filter FC-0136


Filbur Filter FC-3966


Filbur Filter FC-3964M


Filbur Filter FC-3059


Filbur Filter FC-1437


Filbur Filter FC-1007M



Hot tub filters do a lot to keep your spa water clean and system running properly. Many people who have a difficult time maintaining balanced water chemistry have dirty, damaged, or worn out filters. Another result of this can be reduced water flow and strain on your pump and heaters if the filter is not in good condition. Hot tub filters are made of a fabric pleats that catch debris and small particles so they aren’t recirculated into your soaking water. They do require regular maintenance and need to be removed monthly so they can be washed and replaced. Particles like algae, lotion, and body oils sometimes don’t come off with a quick rinse and need to be soaked in filter cleaner to get thoroughly cleaned.

To order a replacement, measure both the length and the end cap diameters (outer and inner) or locate a part number. You can also reorder based on the manufacturer of your previous hot tub filter. It’s nice to always have an extra spa cartridge filter on hand in case you need one in a pinch or you want to have a clean one available while your previously used one is being cleaned.

We are sure to have the exact replacement for your Filbur, Pleatco, or Unicel hot tub filter.