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Having your chemicals properly applied to the water is an important responsibility for a hot tub owner. Bad chemical balance can lead to bather illness or damage to the hot tub system. Chemical test kits are available in many forms: liquid, tablet, strip, and digital reader. Each variety is accurate as long as they are utilized in the right way. These kits test the sanitizer level (bromine, chlorine, or salt), the pH, and the alkalinity.

Liquid reagents are used in order to produce a chemical reaction. Being accurate with the measurement and samples is paramount in order to get a correct reading. People like test strips for their accuracy and ease of use. Tablets are dispersed in water that is meant to change colors to signify high or low chemical levels. Each different method comes with an accompanying color chart for comparing results and can be done manually or digitally to let the tester know which chemical to adjust. If stored in a cool, dry location, most testing kits have a two-year shelf life.

For best results, test and adjust your hot tub water chemistry twice a week, more often in times of heavy use.