Hot Tub Covers in Las Vegas

Hot Tub Covers

If your hot tub cover needs an update in style or just a basic repair, we've got you covered. We offer new covers in a wide range of colors and options. At no additional charge, we will happily measure your spa for the perfect fit, deliver your new cover, and dispose of your old hot tub cover. We'll also place the new cover on the spa upon delivery and attach the cover clips (if the cover lift needs to be disassembled, there will be an additional charge). Not only will you be getting service from a local company, you'll be supporting a local manufacturer as the covers are made here in Utah.

We're proud to be able to say we do the following for free:

  • Measure your spa for a perfect fit
  • Deliver your new spa cover
  • Dispose of your old cover
  • Put the new cover on your spa and attach the cover clips (a fee will be charge if disassembling is required)

We also carry the SmartTop hot tub cover line. SmartTop covers are designed specifically to deal with the most common problems that come with owning a spa. The main problems are water retention, unpleasant smells, or they get to heavy to use, which means getting a new cover and starting the cycle over again. Its polymer panels protect the insulating foam from odor, mold, water run-off and resultant weight gain, and maintain ideal heat retention. SmartTop covers are extremely durable. The polymer is designed to withstand the roughest weather out there without treatments or additional maintenance for as much as five times longer than traditional vinyl covers.

The hydraulic cover lifter makes opening your spa a snap. The cover acts as both a wind screen and a privacy barrier so you can enjoy your hot tub without a neighborhood audience. These covers can withstand up to 800 lbs so you don't need to worry about ice, snow, or even the odd pet's weight on top causing any damage. However, if damage does somehow happen, which we doubt, every component is available so you can repair it rather than having to replace the entire cover. The lock system included provides security so there won't be any un-allowed or unsupervised usage.

Hot Tub Covers start at $349.95

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