AquaChek 3-in-1 Copper Ion Test Strips

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AquaChek 3-in-1 Copper Ion Test Strips - 25 Strips The AquaChek Copper Ion Test Strips are designed for use with Mineral Purification Systems. Testing for ideal levels of copper will help ensure that bacteria and other contaminants are eliminated, leaving your water clean and healthy. Maintaining proper Copper, pH and Alkalinity Levels are required to ensure your water is clear, clean and safe when using a copper ion sanitizing system and to protect your pool or hot tub from the corrosive effects of low pH and alkalinity Test Strips Test For: Copper Ion Levels 0 - 3 ppm pH 6.2 - 8.4 Total Alkalinity 0 - 180 AquaChek Copper Test Strips

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