AquaChek Select 7-IN-1 Test Strip Kit

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AquaChek Select Test Strips

The AquaChek Select Test Kit Tests:
Total Chlorine
Free Chlorine
Total Bromine
Total Alkalinity
Total Hardness
Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer).
Comes with 50 test strips; refills available

Just dip an AquaChek Select test strip in your pool or spa water for one second and remove it immediately. You get results in seconds! It's a simple, cost-effective way to ensure that the water is safe.

The Select Kit includes:
A 24-page Pool and Spa Care and Treatment Guide with test log
50 test strips
Reusable plastic color comparator

The Select Refill Kit contains:
50 additional test strips
a new insert for the reusable color comparator.

To keep your pool at its best, test at each end at least twice a week, and test your spa before each use. You may also want to write down your results so you can track changes over time.

AquaChek Select Test Kit

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