AquaChek TruTest Spa Digital Test Strip Reader

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AquaChek TruTest Spa Digital Test Strip Reader

Get the best of both worlds with the ease and accuracy of AquaChek TruTest spa test strips, plus advanced digital technology. Just dip the test strip in your pool or spa, insert the reader, and get fast, accurate results in seconds. The fast, accurate results are displayed on an easy-to-read LCD screen in 15 seconds with technology designed specifically for pool and spa analysis and no more color matching.

Numerical Test Results and "Low," "OK," or "High" indicators for:
  • Bromine
  • Total Chlorine
  • pH
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Water-resistance
  • Memory function, the reader stores the last 9 test results
  • Simple power source: 2AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Sixty (60) day limited manufacturer's warranty
Kit Includes:
  • TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader
  • User's guide in 15 languages
  • Pool Care and Treatment Information
  • 25 TruTest Spa Digital Strips

AquaChek 2510450

Customer Reviews

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Only use in the dark

After having this product for a month and goofy numbers, i tried the unit in the dark. I was always getting bromine levels of 20. I used it in the dark on my kitchen table, and the numbers actually came out to the same as the local pool store that tests my water.

It works great but, the down side is it must be used in the dark, pitch dark.

inaccurate readings, very sensitive


I'm not very happy with the digital test strip reader and the strips. (Both of which are AquaChek and not outdated).

I often get an Error reading when I follow your given directions. Then I try to retest and I get another error reading. So, then I clean out screen that reads the strips and dry it and retest again. Usually if I leave the strip in place for a while longer, I will get a reading. But then, almost every time, the bromine tests at 20. This happens even after I have left the bromine tablet floater out for several days.

So, now I feel like I'm not sure if I can trust the results or not.

I also have a biogard test strip, which seems to be more accurate and usually measures the bromine in the ok level.

I have tested when the alkalinity is high and when the alkalinity is low, but the same thing happens.

I'm thinking about sending it back


The water also seems quite cloudy. I would like it to be crystal clear.

Not Accurate, Waste of Money

Bought this awhile ago and have tried it for several months. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Verified our readings with a pool store and our own water test on multiple times and they don't match this reader. Your best bet is to buy a water test with drops. That is the most reliable home tester.

Easy to use, provides needed information

This digital tester is simple and provides the necessary information to insure the hot tub remains chemically balanced and safe. Simply turn the device on, dip the strip and insert. In 5 seconds or so, the 3 reading appear and included chart tells you whether you are high, low or within standards.

not accurate

I have tested my hot tub no fewer than 10 times and the bromine level shows max at 20, and PH at above 8.5 and total alkalinity at over 165. Took a water sample to have tested at the local pool supply house and their print out showed bromine level fine at 3, ph level fine at 7.6 and total alkalinity good at 88. Bought another standard test kit to use rather than the digital one. Don't waste your money on this gadget.

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