Bio-Dex Instant Action Foam Stop

Item #: SFS32

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Bio-Dex Instant Action Foam Stop

Instant Action Foam Stop is a fast acting defoamer for the pool, fountains and spas. It works to remove foam instantly on contact.


  • Defoamer for pools, hot tubs and fountains
  • Works instantly on contact
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • Convenient squirt cap for easy application


  • 32 Ounces

Directions for use:

  • Add 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz per 250 to 500 gallons of water. Apply while the water is circulating. No waiting required, pool or hot tub may be used immediately after treatment.
  • To prevent foaming add a squirt or two before entering the pool or hot tub.

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