BluWater TruBlu Sodium Bromide

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Blue Water TruBlu Sodium Bromide

TruBlu provides a bromine reserve in your hot tub water that you bromine generator will use to create bromine.


  • Provides an instant bromine reserve in hot tub water
  • Bromine generating system Sodium Bromide
  • Designed for use with Genesis Water Sanitization systems including BluFusion and Isis bromine generators
  • Can be used with any spa bromine generator that requires 99% sodium bromide


  • 2 Pounds


    • Active Ingredient: Sodium Bromide 99%
    • Other Ingredients: 1%

    Typical Dosage Amounts:

    • Check your systems specifications to determine the correct level of sodium bromide you should maintain in your hot tub
    • Blu Fusion Bromine Generators have a recommended level of 1440 ppm.
    • Initial Dose: Hot Tubs using a Blu Water Blu Fusion bromine generator would add 1.2 pounds of this product per 100 gallons of spa water. Blu Fusion Bromine Generators have a recommended level of 1440 ppm.


    • This product is designed to be used in conjunction with a bromine generating system, an electrolysis unit that converts bromide into hypobromite solution. The product hypobromite solution (bromine) is then introduced into the hot tub to be treated as a sanitizer for hot tub water.

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