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Cover Valet Cover Lift CV400

Cover Valet CV400 Hot Tub Cover Lift
is the economical hydraulic spa cover removal system. It is designed to fit in almost any back yard environment; inside of a gazebo, against a wall, or even mounted into an existing deck. Dual gas springs assist in effortlessly lifting and lowering the spa cover. A locking safety feature holds the cover open until it is time to be closed. A durable powder coat finish accompanied by stainless steel hardware allows the Cover Valet to be equipped with an industry leading 5 year warranty.

The Cover Valet CV400 is designed for spas 93" to 104". The CV400 Cover Valet Shocks have a stronger lifting capability for larger spas. If used on smaller hot tubs or lighter hot tub covers the CV400 has the capability to lift the cover on its own. If this is the case a weight of some kind may be necessary to hold the spa cover down. If your not sure which model to choose the Cover Valet CV250 is a great option but may require slightly more effort to lift larger and heavier covers.

Cover Valet CV400 Features:
Cover Valet CV400 Shocks
For Hot Tubs 93" to 104"
Requires only 4"-6" of clearance
Works inside most gazebos
Mounts to edge of spa cabinet
When cover is open, it doubles as a privacy wall
Durable zinc plated and powder coated finish
Highest quality stainless steel hardware
Features a five year limited manufacturers warranty

The Cover Valet will not work on round, hexagon or octagon spa cabinets or on hot tubs with a corner radius of more than 10".

If this coverlift will not fit on your spa due to the shape or due to large radius please consider the CoverShelf, CoverMate Freestyle or Cover Caddy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Valet cover lift

It works very well. Have had other lifts but now my wife is over eighty and she can open and close cover without any help. It's perfect for us.

Poor design

Puts to much stress on the stitching seams on the cover. Should have had a connecting rod for better lift support and stubility. Also needs centering shims for the lift cylinders so they don't rub on the brackets. Poorly designed

Spa cover and cover valet CV400

Both items fit perfectly and were easy to install. Delivered as promised.

Outstanding device.

Outstanding device. - simple installation. Easy to use.

Opening the hot tub cover couldn't be easier now

I was debating whether to get this lifter with the gas shock or the manual lifter, which I have on my other hot tub. I LOVE this lifter. Getting the hot tub cover off could not be easier. I can do it with one hand and very little effort. I thought unlocking the shock when I wants to close the cover might be a pain, but it's really not. The locking feature holds the cover up nicely for extra privacy from the neighbors. The reviews that say the cover is still too hard to lift must've installed it incorrectly. Just follow the directions carefully and you will not be disappointed. This place had the best price on this lifter, as well.

Must have product!

I bought this several months ago and it works better than I thought. Our spa is a foot off our wall and the cover used to get stuck behind the spa. The lift was easy to install and works fantastic. My wife can easily lift and replace the cover now by herself with almost no effort. I should have bought this when I first got the spa years ago. It's a must have and so affordable.

hard on the hinge

Bought thus 6 months ago find that as it only goes into the hinge about 8 or so inches the strain on the hinge is too much at this point , I have complained that the hinge rod should go from side to side joining the lift rods as to put the load across the whole hinge pocket , time will tell but i am noticing sewing pulling apart at the rod area , suggest a lift with the rod right across the cover .Not good!

So far so good!

The lifter installed quite easily per the very clear directions. It is a bit flimsy upon opening and closing, but what the heck it is only a few feet. My last lifter corroded like crazy. That is why the "so far so good" title. Check back with me in a year or so.
The pistons apply a bit more pressure than necessary and as a result are stretching the cover. Hopefully they will relax a bit from use.

Good Price, fast delivery, and easy installation.

This was set up in about an hour, not counting the warm up breaks due to single digit temps. Works well. Not effortless, but at most takes about 40% of the effort of the non shock assisted cover lifter I had been using. Small profile, and positions cover as a high windbreak on the side to which it opens.

Nice Product!

Very happy with workmanship and overall quality of product. Installation was a breeze and functionality is better than expected.

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