Cover Valet Hot Tub Mineral Purifier

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Cover Valet Hot Tub Mineral Purifier

The Mineral Purifier naturally cleans your hot tub water and can is able to reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine you use by up to 50%. Reducing the amount of chlorine or bromine from your hot tub will reduce unpleasant odors
, save money, and reduce dry skin.

As the mineral stick comes in contact with your hot tub water it uses a unique mixture of copper, silver, and zinc to kill bacteria. It also uses a charcoal (carbon) coating that that boosts the mineral stick ability to filter the gunk out of your spa.

Hot Tub Mineral Purifier Features:
  • Naturally cleans and filters hot tub water
  • Reduces bromine and chlorine usage by as much as 50%
  • Reduces odors and dry skin caused by spa sanitizers
  • Uses silver, zinc and copper to kill bacteria naturally
  • Coated with charcoal (carbon) to improve in the removal of impurities
  • Mineral stick lasts 4 months before you need to replace
  • Treats up to 600 gallons

Directions for use:
  • Simply place the mineral purifier stick in your hot tub skimmer basket or filter area so the water flows over it. (Do not place the mineral stick inside of your filter standpipe to avoid getting it stuck)

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