Covermate III Cover Lift


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Covermate III Hot Tub Cover Lift

CoverMate III Features:
  • Ideal for when clearance behind the spa is limited, this hydraulic lift utilizes an exclusive windlock system that virtually eliminates broken shock syndrome.
  • Trouble-free performance.
  • Two large 25-inch brackets for extra stability.
  • Requires just 6 inches of clearance behind spa.
  • Made in the U.S.A

Product Notes:
  • The CoverMate III will work with spas built into decks if the deck is 4-5" below the top of your hot tub skirting. If the deck is higher then that or to the top you will need the CoverMate III with the Deck Mount Kit.
  • The CoverMate III will not work on round, hexagon or octagon spa cabinets or on hot tubs with a corner radius of more than 12".

If this coverlift will not fit on your spa due to the shape or due to large radius please consider:
CoverShelf, CoverMate Freestyle, Cover RX or Cover Caddy.

Feel free to Contact us for help in finding a cover removal system that will work for you.

Customer Reviews

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Covermate III Cover Lift

Great idea falls short

Like everyone has said, direction are awful, but what is most important is the cover does not lift out of the way. My head hits the cover because it’s does not lift up 90 degrees. It hangs over, and get in the way. I’m going to contact manufacturer and if there is no way to improve or correct issue, I’m returning it. If you don’t believe my review looks deeper and you will see others with same complaint

Very nice lifter

Very nice lifter

great addition

I should have done this long ago. I wanted my wife to be able to remove the hot tub cover without my help. The Covermate III cover lift allows her to use the hot tub without assistance from me. It also makes it a lot easier when I remove the cover. Should have added this years ago.

Great lifter

I replaced the original cover on our tub after 5 years and decided to replace my lifter as well. This is a great unit and much better than the one I originally used. There have been some that expressed concern with the fact they use plastic for the brackets, however, they are very durable and should provide years of use. The towel hanger, while quite simple, is a great little feature as well. If you are the least bit mechanically inclined the install is a snap. Took me a total of an hour to get everything assembled and in full working order. Definitely would buy this again!

Seems to be a good purchase

Haven't installed the cover lift as yet, but the purchase process and delivery service has been excellent.

Works Great

Took longer to install than anticipated and NOTE the measurements carefully -- distance from where it is screwed into the side to where the cover clears the back of the hot tub when open.

Product works great

The lift works great. Took an hour to install. Instructions were adequate but could be better.

Covermate lll cover lift

Shipping was great and the product I'm very happy with. I thought instructions were good. Install took around an hour. There's a couple of times its nice to have a helping hand. I think they need to add a connecting bar that pulls the cover up. Over time it's going to rip the cover. Love how easy it works and now one person can open and close the spa.

Solved our problems

Solved our problems

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