CuLator SpaPak Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer

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CuLator SpaPak Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer - One SpaPak Lasts 6 Months!

The CuLator SpaPak is the only option for quickly and permanently removing copper, iron, manganese nickel, cobalt, lead and silver from fresh, hard and salt water spas. The CuLator Metal Eliminator is the only product that actually eliminates metals from hot tub water. As water passes through the CuLator SpaPak, stain causing metals are permanently trapped inside. Each CuLator SpaPak works to eliminate metals for up to 6 months. CuLator is nontoxic and biodegradable, and will not remove beneficial forms of metal found in mineral-based water purification products such as those containing silver and copper. CuLator only removes the bad form of the metal produced when these products lose their effectiveness. The CuLator cloth bag is made of nontoxic biodegradable materials and can be used around family and pets. It is non-poisonous, non-corrosive, and is completely biodegradable after disposal.

CuLator SpaPak Features and Benefits:
  • Removes metals for up to 6 months.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Works in fresh and salt water.
  • Doesn't add phosphates to the water.
  • Works with all mineral-based water purification systems.
  • Works in all hot tubs and spas.
  • Works of a large pH range.
  • Works with all metal-based algaecides.
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable.

Permanently eliminates:
  • Copper - Manganese - Nickel - Cobalt - Silver - Iron

Directions for use:
  • Remove CuLator SpaPak cloth bag from the sealed plastic pouch.
  • Place CuLator SpaPak in skimmer basket, filter compartment or reservoir. The top loop on the CuLator Gator Egg can be used to secure the SpaPak. Submerge completely and squeeze out air. (Note: SpaPak may expand and/or float in skimmer basket.)
  • Run filter or circulation pump. Metals are eliminated from the water as it passes over the SpaPak.
  • Discard used SpaPak after 6 months.
  • To keep pool water metal free, retreat with a fresh CuLator SpaPak every 6 months.

CuLator SpaPak Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
CuLator Metal Eliminator does much more than I expected!

I have been using this product now for two years, replacing it every 6 months. The brownish water we were experiencing from a high iron content in our water is no longer an issue. In the past, we used a liquid metal remover, bottle after bottle. This has saved us a lot of money. We will continue to use this product because it works.

Spa supplies st the ready

All the supplies I needed, they were shipped fast. The order was complete and no problems. They get my return business.

Fantastic fast international delivery

Would recommend. I find it very hard to get culator products in the uk so i was delighted you shipped out using fedex which only took a few days.

Satisfactory results

I waited over a month to submit a review because I wasn't sure if it was working at first. The results were gradual but we have a high iron concentration in our water. I am pleased with the results. Thank you.

CuLator worked overnight!

I have a salt water hot tub that I fill with well water. My water was GREEN so I used CuLator and dropped the pH a little and the color was gone in the morning. I left the bag in for several months and after cut it open to see what it looked like and was surprised at what I saw.

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