Filbur Filter FC-2540

Item #: FC-2540

Item Details

Filbur Filter FC-2540

  • O.D. 8 11/16"
  • Length: 18 3/16"
  • Top: 4 3/16" Open
  • Bottom: 4 3/16" Open
  • 70 Sq Ft

Also Known As:
  • Unicel UHD-WR70
  • Filbur FC-2540
  • Pleatco PSR70-4
  • Sta-Rite TX 70 - WC108-572SX

Filbur Filters Feature:
  • Reinforced Center Cores
  • Reinforced End Caps
  • Unmatched Quality
  • Genuine Reemay Filtration Fabric
  • NSF Approved

Customer Reviews

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I recently moved into a

I recently moved into a nice rental home that just happened to have an in-ground swimming pool, rare find for the Pacific Northwest.
So, along with the maintenance that pools require I inherited three very nasty, stinky filters that look to have seen much better days.
After doing some research on filters I was discouraged to find that single (brand name) filters could go for as much as $120 each to a low of $65.
Then I found HotTub Warehouse where two filters were available for less than the price of one expensive one AND free shipping!
I also had occasion to call their customer service department with a question.
They were fast, friendly and called me back to confirm. Thanks Hottub Warehouse!
When the filters arrived a mere three days later I was ecstatic.
Quickly loaded one in and the improvement in suction power as well as the pump sounding less strained was immediately noticeable.
I have yet to find filters at such a great price.
I'm a customer!
Portland Oregon

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