Lamotte ColorQ Pro 7 Test Reagent Refill Kit R-2056

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Lamotte R-2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Test Reagent Refill Kit 

Refill kit includes:
  • Free Chlorine 0-10 PPM (144 Tests)
  • Total Chlorine 0-10 PPM (144 Tests)
  • Bromine 0-22 PPM (144 Tests)
  • pH 6.5-8.5 (144 Tests)
  • Total Alkalinity 0-250 PPM (144 Tests)
  • Calcium Hardness 0-700 PPM (144 Tests)
  • Cyanuric Acid 0- 125 PPM (100 Tests)
  • 6 Test Vials

Lamotte R-2056

Customer Reviews

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Makes Hot Tub Water Balancing Easy

Nothing is easier to use than the Lamotte ColorQ Pro test kit. Just make sure the reagents date on each bottle is current. Water hardness reagent goes out of date very fast. The others seem to last longer.

Lamotte reagents do not have the lifespan that other brands do. Many of their reagents only have a few months before they expire on fresh shipments from the manufacturer. It is a huge problem with the ColorQ Test Kit. This is normal and not due to old product being shipped to customers.
Best H2O testing system EVER!

this is a refill for my Lamotte Color Q pro 7, Best,easiest, and most accurate water testing kit EVER. Not cheap, but worth the extra money! Highly Recommend!

excellent service & speedy delivery

excellent service & speedy delivery

Chemicals due to expire before they season is out

I paid for a product that would be able to last me this season, this year.
As I have told the customer service by phone and via email one of the test chemicals is going to expire in November and they are no help.
Customer service is non-existent.

Unlike Taylor and other test supply companies, Lamottes reagents have a very short shelf life which is completely out of any retailers hands. It is not uncommon for us to receive product from them that is months away from expiring as the original shelf life is only around 6 months from date of manufacture until they expire on some of their reagents. This is just how Lamotte's reagents are and we get many upset customers about the issue. Our only option is to not sell them anymore leaving one less supplier of the reagents for customers with an existing kit.
Expiration Dates!

Reagents were all ok, but would be much better if expiration dates were later/better!

We agree with you. By the time Lamotte gets them to their dealers they are usually running short on time and then it could take a while to run through are stock which leaves even less time. Most brands have 2 years on their life so the customer usually has about 1-1/2 years at least to use them. We have considered discontinuing selling them because of the complaints but since everyone is in the exact same position we don't want to leave our customers without an option.
expert exchange

when my package arrived there were some broken pieces. I emailed sales immediately and got a reply within the hour. they sent out a replacement before the end of the day. I work the hotel maintenance industry so i love it when i get quick results. this company resolved this issue almost immediately. 10/10 ordering from here again

The CH2 reagent expires in

The CH2 reagent expires in a month and a half...

As advertised.

As advertised.

Out of date chemicals

The reason we bought the Pro 7 refill was our chemicals were out of date. Two of the new ones we bought from Hottub warehouse were out of date. Two more will be out of date this month. I no response. I left an respones either. This is not way to run a business if you want return business.

Reagents near expiration

When I wrote HTW to ask for replacement of outdated Lamotte ColorQ Pro 7 reagents (some would expire in as little as 4 months), they responded:
"Unfortunately, due to stocking and as advised in our policy, we do only guarantee our reagents for up to 3 months". Even more unfortunate: HTW does NOT post this rumored "policy" anywhere on their site (as of this writing Oct '16). HTW acts as if this is beyond their control (see HTW response below), so I guess we can all be thankful that HTW does not sell milk:
"Regardless of the normal shelf life. We have considered removing them from our site, but found customer still have a high demand for these. As long as you do understand, we only guarantee them to have no less than a 90 day life, then we will continue to stock them."

I would understand if HTW would put this "policy" on their site adjacent to the "Purchase Now" button.

This is the normal reagent life we see from Lamotte.

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